Title: Red Account: My Bloody Angel

Also known as:
Akai Hokokusho: Senketsu no Tenshi (Original title)

Year: 1988

Genre: Gore / Erotic

Language: Japanese

Runtime: 55 min

Director: Toshiki Sato

Writer: N/A


Tomoko's husband Masao has gotten possessed by the Devil. After a small ceremonial exorcism by a friend of the couple, they establish that the Devil has possessed through and possessed more than only his eye, which they originally excepted he had done. They set out to "clean" his organs by cutting him into pieces and save one part at a time.

Our thoughts:
It's always a pleasure watching films that could just as well be a part of the "Guinea Pig" trilogy, and god knows there are a few unofficial sequels out there too. We all know the type; lots of graphic scenes, often torture and dismemberment. Fairly short runtimes, and not too much plot. "Red Account: My Bloody Angel" is pretty much a film like that. Except it's dirtier than that trilogy.

It starts out by showing an exorcism while the lead girl tells us how much she loves her husband, and that he's possessed by the Devil. Apparently they think his eye is possessed, but it turns out that every organ in his body is. Well, now we are getting some flashbacks, obviously to show the relationship between the couple. But for some reason they decided to show us a sex scene. This is obviously for other reasons than to help us get to know them, as the first 20 minutes of the film pretty much consists of this sex scene. It's actually a full-on XXX scene, buuut, being a Japanese film, I'm sure you're not surprised when I tell you that the vagina and the penis are censored out. This is something I'll never understand. If you make a porno, why censor the things that makes it a porno? Screw it, Japanese people are way too wacky for me to understand. Anyway, after some sucking, fucking and cumming, we're brought back to the exorcism. They start by cutting off his head.. Yes, they try to save him by dismembering his body so that they can clean his organs. Did they plan to put him back together afterwards? Don't ask. There are several cool scenes for a gore fan, so I was obviously pleased. We have good looking cuts in the body, lots of intestines, and so on. My personal favorite part of the film is probably when the girl starts to masturbate using his dismembered arm (half of the arm is just bones, which is the part she uses). Twisted stuff indeed. There are a few other things that are worth mentioning, but the film would lose some of the effect it has on people if it's spoiled. However, I should tell you that you won't be shocked or disturbed by this film. It's way too silly for that. Did I tell you that they noticed he was possessed because he started focusing alot on his music? Yeah, hard to take it seriously.

The gore effects are good, some parts are weaker than others of course. If you are just watching this for gore (which should be the only reason you are watching it), then I think you'll be satisfied. The film is about an hour long, and it actually consists of more sex than gore so have that in mind.

A few changes could've made this film sick as hell; take away the censorship, shorten down the sex scenes (or atleast the normal sex scenes. The scenes taking place in the room with the body should be expanded) and throw away the entire plot. These are a few flaws that might not make the film horrible, but it makes it alot less than it should have been. Overall I was enjoying myself with this film. It helps if you expect little from it. After all, it might as well be called a stupid but fairly gory porno.

Positive things:
- Gore!
- Good looking gore!
- Plenty of sex.
Negative things:
- Censored sex. Either skip sex or uncensor it. God damnit.

Gore: 3/5
Nudity: 4/5
Story: 1/5
Effects: 3/5
Comedy: 2/5

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