Title: Redsin Tower

Also known as:

Year: 2006

Genre: Horror / Gore / Possession

Language: English

Runtime: 87 min

Director: Fred Vogel

Writer: Fred Vogel & Shelby Jackson

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0452675/

Kim (Bethany Newell) breaks up with her boyfriend of 6 years, and Becky (Jessica Kennedy), her goth friend, wants to take her out for a wild night of partying. When the jealous ex-boyfriend Mitch (Perry Tiberio) ruins the party they are going to by calling the cops, Kim, Becky and a small group of their friends decides to have a party of their own up at the Redsin Tower. On the way to the tower, they stop at a gas station where they have a rather violent run in with Mitch. Mitch gets his ass kicked and is even more pissed than before and follows the gang to the tower, and I can assure you that Mitch isn't the most dangerous thing in that tower, even though he's equipped with an axe.

Our thoughts:
Toetag Pictures, the makers of the twisted "August Underground" trilogy, is here with their first "real" movie, "Redsin Tower". A dark story about love and revenge, but just as much about demonic possession. How can this be bad? Axe murders, angry spirits and possessed almost-nakes-chicks can't go wrong. Well, it can, but you're pretty darn sure it won't when the film has the blood FX-meisters Toetag behind it. I've always felt from the beginning that this is something more than just a horror movie, because I don't consider the climax of the film to be scary, just very depraved and dramatic. Dramatic in a very dark and sick way, of course. Not dramatic like that lovefest "The Notebook". There is just a really special feel of the whole movie, especially the ending, that makes me look at this at something else than a horror film. In a good way.

Before moving on: I believe the people of Toetag tried to hide the demonic possession part from the public before the film was out, 'cause it wasn't in the trailer and I can't remember hearing about it.

The story about the break up, and the overall revenge-theme is pretty weak. Not saying I wouldn't have enjoyed a full movie of him killing them, but I think that they took the right turn when they brought in the demons from their closets. The whole Mateo Redsin (Jerami Cruise) story is alot better and thought out, and the scenes we get to see from the story are really well made. Ignore the fact that Carl (Billy D. Martin) looks really stupid when he has a red light on him, and talks all evil while telling the story. I know he was talking as Mateo, but it was just ruining it for me. The biggest flaw this movie has is that it takes such a long time before the killing and possession enters the film, and when it's there, it's over too quick. We do get alot of it all when it finally strikes though.

I can't help but think that it sort of feels like it took a bunch of ideas from the great 80's film "Night of the Demons", slapped it together with films like my precious "Evil Dead", and then put their own little touch on it. I don't know if it's a good or bad thing, but maybe it wouldn't have been such a bad thing if they took out the "let's go party at the haunted tower"-part and try to get some other reason for them being there. Doesn't need to be something original, I think that even having their car breaking down in the middle of nowhere, and they just happen to find the tower is alot better.

Obviously, being a Toetag film, this is a gory movie. The gore is really good looking as usual, and most of the time very realistic. It's a very dark movie, and that sadly hides some of the gore, but it also shows that they're not making a movie to show off their gore. The gore and overall violent scenes aren't as sick as the ones in the "August Underground" trilogy, so don't expect to be grossed out about it. There is a scene where Mateo pulls out a disfigured demon-looking baby out of a vagina and we get to see it in great detail, so it's not like this is a movie for kids, so don't be scared when I say it won't gross you out.

The acting is acceptable. They're not very good, except for Peter Schmidt who plays Phil. I think he played really well and Phil was a very likable character unlike most of the others. Perry Tiberio plays the role of the psychotic ex-boyfriend just fine, but I can't stand the scenes where he freaks out. Like when he spits at the mirror and whatnot. Seeing Fred Vogel and Shelby Jackson in the movie was fun, and I hope they'll come back for cameo's in future films too.

It's a really good film, and it works perfectly even with it's flaws. The beginning drags a little but I still think there are things happening so you don't get bored. This movie is perfect if you're looking for a odd and gory ride filled with high teens. I recommend this unique slasher/demon film to anyone who likes horror. Give it a shot.

P.S. Keep reminding yourself, this is not "August Underground". This is a whole different kind of stew and doesn't have many things alike.

Positive things:
- Phil.
- All the beautiful gore.
- Freaky possession toward the end.
- TTP's first try at a real film.
- Unique.
- Really good. It's more than just a gory film.
Negative things:
- Jerami Cruise should've been in it more.
- Not exactly what you call "perfect acting".
- Partying at a haunted place. Something else would've worked better.
- All the good stuff are in the last minutes.

Gore: 3/5
Nudity: 2/5
Story: 3/5
Effects: 4.5/5
Comedy: 1.5/5

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