Title: Red, White & Blue

Also known as:
Red White & Blue

Year: 2010

Genre: Drama / Thriller / Exploitation

Language: English

Runtime: 104 min

Director: Simon Rumley

Writer: Simon Rumley

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1465505/

Three lives crash into each other and make a mess. Erica sleeps around without a worry, Nate is a war veteran who falls for her, and Franki is a rocker who slept with Erica but who soon will regret it. In something that is much worse than a love triangle drama, they will soon see the dark side of humanity.

Our thoughts:
As I start writing this review I realize that it will end being one of the shortest reviews this movie has received, and most likely the one that lacks the most depth. There is a lot to cover with this movie if you want to because it's not just your typical revenge film at all, I know that. And it's a good movie, so why doesn't it get a long review from me? Honestly, I am bored of it. The movie itself is good, I just hear too much about it as it is. I don't feel inspired to shove anything down your throat with it.

The movie is about three people and how their lives will be destroyed in a sort of chain reaction starting with Erica. Kinda. I'm not getting too much into it, as you can see, but instead I will focus on what I liked the most. I like how even though the movie is definitely brutal at times and deals with murder and violence, you can't find a real bad guy in the movie. Their actions, though a bit extreme, are equally justified. So it's either that they're all bad, or they're all good? It's up to you. I wouldn't say they're either, they just don't think before they act. Take Nate, a guy who came home from the war, as an example. He has killed before and won't question himself about doing it again when it comes to something personal.

The actors are all very good, and production values are high without an endless amount of cash backing it. It's not all that surprising nowadays when a low-budget independent movie is well-made and all that, but it's still nice to acknowledge them, you know? The violence looks good but felt a little bit out of place for whatever reason. It does have some great gore though. I think Noah Taylor is the strongest point of the movie, even though his character feels like a cliché, his acting is spot-on and probably is the closest thing in the film that got to me on a less shallow level.

I can't call this anything but a good movie. It is. It's just not a movie that got me emotionally invested, and because of it a lot of scenes didn't get to me. It doesn't make it a bad movie, I think it just means that I was the wrong person for it. I wouldn't call it (quoting the DVD cover in front of me) "brilliant", a punch in the stomach" or "the most effective horror/drama/thriller I've ever seen" because that's a lie. A perfect movie it is not, but it is good and comes highly recommended. My lack of sympathy and care is even confusing to me in this came.

I am sorry that my review tells you pretty much nothing about the movie, but when a movie is as popular as this, maybe it's good to finally get a review that just tells you if it's good or not, rather than going into every detail of it? I think if you read this review without having heard of it, it's very likely you will enjoy the movie more than if you read some of the more hyping reviews. You can question my reasons for even reviewing it to begin with, but I will be honest and say that we try to review most films we receive. We're not a website that focuses on just one thing, even if our main route is the underground. We have some fantastic companies that provide us with films to review and for the most part we try to review what they send. Sometimes it's movies we really, really want to watch and review, sometimes it's something we review to get it over with. "Red, White & Blue" is somewhere in the middle - I don't mind reviewing it or watching it again (been a while), but I just don't feel like it's a movie that inspires me to rave about it.

Positive things:
- It's a good movie in most aspects.
- Brutal and filthy!
Negative things:
- Even though it is a good movie, I just wasn't wooed by it. Wish I could tell you why.

Gore: 2/5
Nudity: 2.5/5
Story: 3.5/5
Effects: 3/5
Comedy: 0/5

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