Title: The Resurrection of Michael Myers Part 1 & 2

Also known as:

Year: 1987 - 1989

Genre: Horror / Comedy / Fan Film / Parody

Language: Swedish

Runtime: Part 1 - 25 min, Part 2 - 24 min

Director: Mike Beck, Richard Holm, Henrik Wadling

Writer: Mike Beck, Richard Holm, Henrik Wadling, Anders Ek, Kaj Steveman

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0372494/, http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0168147/

In "The Resurrection of Michael Myers" a young man heads to work after attending a screening of John Carpenter's "Halloween" but fiction finds its way into reality as Michael Myers begins to stalk the young man at his place of work. "The Resurrection of Michael Myers Part 2" continues right where the first movie left off and the young man his wheeled into a hospital, believed to be suffering from delusions after seeing the terrifying "Halloween". Like all good sequels, Michael Myers returns and is stalking the hallways of the hospital killing anyone he comes across. Not to be out done, Jason Voorhees and Leatherface join in on the slaughter party.

Our thoughts:
Those who were apart of VHS bootleg and tape trading days (in the US) I'm sure are all too familiar with the title "The Resurrection of Michael Myers Part 2" as it certainly made its rounds among the collectors. Oddly enough, next to "Thriller", "Resurrection of Michael Myers Part 2" is only other movie I remember that was being 'pushed' as being a Swedish based production. Certainly people talked about "Evil Ed" but no one ever seemed to acknowledge its country of origin. Anyway, the reason I only bring up Part 2 is because nobody seemed to have the first part, but amazingly enough I managed to find it online for this review. Though the quality is about what I would expect for such an obscure movie - a fifth generation washed out bootleg.

After finally seeing the first "Resurrection of Michael Myers" I decided to cover the original and the sequel in one review since Part 2 suffers from "Evil Dead 2" syndrome. Even though Part 2 is an official sequel, a lot of gags and sequences are from the original movie. I'm assuming because of a better budget and the fact that the creators figured nobody saw the first one.

"The Resurrection of Michael Myers" is about a nameless kid (played by Richard Holm) who attends a screening of John Carpenter’s "Halloween” and after the movie is over, the young man heads to work. What I can only guess is a printing facility; the kid finds a poster for "Halloween" and after he puts the poster away, Michael Myers appears. Why, I don't know. So Michael stalks the kid throughout the building, killing anybody he comes across, while Three Stooges style slapstick is thrown in there for kicks. Oh, and a kung-fu zombie shows up as well, once again, I have no idea why but at the same time, why not.

Essentially, "The Resurrection of Michael Myers" is a fan film. It was put together by Mike, Richard, and Henrik who were merely making something for fun while including and paying tribute to what is, presumably, is one of their favorite horror movies. Because of that, it's obviously not very good; then again it's hard to judge it properly when you can't see much through static and a saturated image. Not to mention the lack of subtitles. Regardless, it was a fun little short that while was stupid, was also fun in its silliness. The gore was actually good for this type of movie as well.

A few years later, the same crew but with a couple new writers make "The Resurrection of Michael Myers Part 2" and much like "Halloween 2", we find our killer and his victim in a hospital. After waking up in the theater, foaming at the mouth, the nameless kid from the first movie, now called Richard, (still played by Richard Holm) is rushed to the hospital. Michael Myers shows up again except to make this party a little more thrilling, Jason Voorhees and Leatherface drop by to shed some blood and shed the clothes of two lovely young ladies. Exactly like the first, Richard runs around the hospital trying to get away from Myers and everyone else who seems to be out to kill him. Did I mention kung-fu zombie comes back for the sequel as well? And when people are being killed, the same silly and stupid slapstick humor fills in the gaps.

Where Part 1 was more of a fan film, Part 2 is a more professional, more polished product that is intended to be more of a comedy/parody than a fan film. Only two years apart but you can tell a difference between the two movies and while Part 2 is only a half hour long, it should be treated and viewed as any other parody movie. Hell, it's better than anything the Hollywood machine and the Wayans Brothers have turned out in the last decade. Certainly the humor is stupid but I still found it fun, amazingly enough considering how much I despise parodies. Part 2 also has some quality effects - Leatherface hacking off the limb of a nurse then beating her to death with her arm was just a joy to watch.

I can't really bring myself to review and critique these movies like I would with normal movies because they're both technically fan films, even if Part 2 was done more professionally. Neither movie will make you bust a gut or have you rolling around on the floor from laughter, but they're still fun movies. With a combined time of fifty minutes, it's hard not to appreciate the movies for what they are. Unless you're one of those uptight pricks who need movies to have millions of dollars behind them to enjoy them. That being said, the first movie is almost impossible to find unless you know the makers or don't have a problem going through the illegal channels. You can find Part 2 on the "Swedish Horror" box set that was released be Njutafilms, which I recommend picking up, if anything, for "The Resurrection of Michael Myers Part 2". There isn't much left to say about these movies; they're fun silly little shorts that will keep you entertained for a half hour or an hour.

As a bit of trivia: Most of the people involved in both movies went on to make and star in Sweden's infamous feature length parody movie "Sex, Lögner & Videovåld" which you can read Ronny's review for here.

Positive things:
- Silly and stupid.
- Some surprisingly good effects.
- The professionalism that went into Part 2.

Negative things:
- Nothing really. They are what they are.

Gore: 2.5/5
Nudity: 1/5
Story: 2/5
Effects: 2.5/5
Comedy: 2/5

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