Title: Ron Goossens, Low-Budget Stuntman (Fantasia 2017 review)

Also known as:

Year: 2017

Genre: Comedy

Language: Dutch

Runtime: 83 min

Director: Steffen Haars & Flip Van der Kuil

Writer: Steffen Haars & Flip Van der Kuil

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt5637542/

Always drunk and always injured, Ron Goossens is an alcoholic stuntman who has to find a way to sleep with the most successful actress in the Netherlands to save his own marriage. He gets a job as a low-budget stuntman on big motion pictures, but can Ron Goossens' situation even be saved?

Our thoughts:
As a huge fan of "New Kids Turbo" and "New Kids Nitro", I was over the moon when I found out that their new film "Ron Goossens, Low-Budget Stuntman" would be playing Fantasia International Film Festival this year. As someone who grew up with equal amounts Troma, the Tom Green Show and Chevy Chase comedies, there was something in the "New Kids" films that truly hit home. They're loud, fucked up, hilariously dumb and utterly charming. As I have not seen anything else from the team I wasn't entirely sure what a non-New Kids film from them would look like, but I am very happy to say that this is a completely different beast while still catering to the same audience.

Ron Goossens is a horrible stuntman. He does stunts and somehow survives, but he's always drunk and does nothing as far as safety goes. He crashes cars and simply hopes he stays alive. After one of his big, failed and very dangerous stunts is filmed and gets uploaded on Youtube he becomes a national sensation. Everyone wants to take his picture and he gets quoted everywhere, but Ron just wants to drink and perform his stunts. One day he finds out that his wife has been cheating on him with pretty much everyone and she wants to leave him -- unless he manages to have sex with the biggest actress in the Netherlands, Bo Maerten (playing herself). Soon, Ron finds himself employed as a low-budget stuntman in big motion pictures starring Bo Maerten, desperately trying to have sex with her.

Okay, the plot of "Ron Goossens, Low-Budget Stuntman" is obviously not the brightest, but what the hell did you expect? The focus of this movie is to be funny in its own peculiar way. At times I might have wished for slightly more in terms of plot development as it doesn't go much further than Ron Goossens trying to have sex with Bo Maerten while everything around him goes wrong. But.. you know what? Simply watching Tim Haars as Ron Goossens is enough to entertain the hell out of me. I always respect an actor who can play a good drunk, and god damnit Tim Haars might as well be blackout drunk while playing the role of Ron Goossens. If there is one thing directors/writers Steffen Haars and Flip Van der Kuil and their cast (everyone from the "New Kids" movies and everyone in this movie alike) manage to do well, it's weird fucking comedy that has me laughing out loud. I honestly don't laugh loudly to a lot of movies anymore, but this team manages to do it with jokes that have no right being this funny. Loud, gross and obnoxious comedy has been done to death in mainstream comedies for a long time, but it's rarely done with real wit.

What makes this movie different from "New Kids" is perhaps not the type of comedy, but it's a lot more grounded and.. dare I say it? Mainstream. It's not a mainstream movie, but it's produced as a big movie in most ways. When "New Kids" might have people hit by cars or killed at random just for quick laughs and executed almost as a sketch show, "Ron Goossens, Low-Budget Stuntman" will put more weight behind everything because it's a movie focused on one man's story and is filled with heart similar to how '80s comedies felt, but with Steffen Haars and Flip Van der Kuil's brand of comedy. That said, I have not met anyone who didn't fall in love with the "New Kids" movies, so perhaps there is plenty of mainstream appeal there too!

When reviewing different kinds of genres there are usually a few things you look at that you want to comment on. Usually in comedies I don't feel a need to comment on how a movie looks, but in this case it has to be brought up. "Ron Goossens, Low-Budget Stuntman" looks really good. I don't know the budget on the film, but it looks way above what I expect the budget to be. It's really crisp, has some great use of lighting, and can at times feel like a Hollywood action production. I know that the Netherlands have produced some great movies so I am not shocked that great filmmakers come from there, but it's awesome to see this much care put into a comedy that could just as well have been on the level of Troma and still be funny. You also gotta love the James Bond-esque opening credits where people are swimming around in beer!

It's an endearing movie about a complete moron who is always drunk and doesn't give a shit about anything. Despite joking about racism, pedophile scandals and everything in between, and using gross-out humor and violence to do so, this is in no way a mean-spirited movie. It follows the old idea that there no line you can't cross as long as it's coming from the right place and done right. Trey Parker and Matt Stone have been doing it for a long time. Ricky Gervais does it every chance he gets. Louis CK gets slightly more popular every time he crosses the line just a little bit more. They all do it well because they know how to handle the material. Steffen Haars and Flip Van der Kuil can continue to whatever the hell they want if they continue like this! I don't know what else to say. If you watch one comedy this year, it should probably be "Ron Goossens, Low-Budget Stuntman"! There are few comedies that you watch nowadays that make you feel like you want to show it to your friends just to see them laugh, and this movie is one of those (as the "New Kids" movies were before it).

Positive things:
- Equal amounts of funny and weird!
- I haven't seen anything the team has done outside of the "New Kids" films before, so this proves their talent to me! (I really, really need to watch more of their work...)
- Tim Haars is perfect as Ron Goossens. He's obnoxious but still someone we want to see succeed.
Negative things:
- There are probably a ton of jokes that are lost on me and other people outside of the Netherlands, but it's not very noticable.
- It's a bit weak on plot, but it honestly doesn't matter that much. But it might to some!

Gore: 1.5/5
Nudity: 0.5/5
Story: 2/5
Effects: 3.5/5
Comedy: 4.5/5

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Fantasia International Film Festival 2017

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