Title: Rossa Venezia

Also known as:
Porno a Venezia (Alternative cut)

Year: 2003

Genre: Adult / Horror / WIP / Slasher

Language: German

Runtime: 155 min

Director: Andreas Bethmann

Writer: Andreas Bethmann

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0414462/

After having served a 10 year sentence in prison for killing her husband, Nathalie is released and goes on a killing spree on every woman she gets her hands on. And she does more than just kill them. Meanwhile in prison, two new prisoners want to start up a prositution service within the walls of the prison.

Our thoughts:
Preston is usually the one to cover Andreas Bethmann movies, with about 4 films of his reviewed in the past. And I must admit that there is a reason for this. He has an easier time getting through complete garbage than I have. It must be his filthy American blood. I'm not a fan of Andreas Bethmann but I'm fascinated by his splatter porn and how he makes absolutely no excuses for what he makes. And not to mention that many of his films have extremely nice looking DVD releases that might cost a fortune but will look great in the collection. I always know what I will be getting when I watch one of his films, and "Rossa Venezia" is not an exception. How I managed to get through the long 155 minute version is a wonder, but I did it and now it's my turn to talk about Andreas Bethmann and one of his films. But I'm sure you'll get about as much out of it as you did from any of Preston's reviews. Nothing bad against the reviews, but these movies are what they are, there's no other side to it.

This movie is basicly a mix of German splatter, porno, women-in-prison and a slasher movie. But it doesn't do any of the parts well. We have a woman who has been in prison for 10 years, and she just came out and now she' killing women. That's the main story. Additional side stuff jump between the woman reading the killer's diary and jailed prostitutes wanting to start working inside of the prison. So it jumps between hardcore sex, mostly lesbian scenes (but no man-on-man like in "Angel of Death 2"!), to someone being killed. It doesn't take long before you stop caring and just wait for the next porn scene followed by a kill. The kills are bland and not at all as well made as some scenes in a few of his other films. Clearly it's not suspenseful in the least, and as far as women-in-prison goes.. Well, I suppose that's the closest to the reality this one gets. They are generally bad movies and this one is too. And the porn is porn. That's two things it did right, but again.. bad.

Most actors in the movie are terrible, and it didn't help that I watched the English dubbed version instead of a subtitled one (only Italian subs available on the DVD). They're not always good looking either, but again, you're watching a German splatter porn. Odds are that you might not even get tempted by the movie to begin with, so you might not need beauties to look at. Some of them aren't looking too bad and we see plenty of lesbians, so IF you put on a German splatter movie to jerk off, there's probably room for it. Andreas Bethmann isn't too bad at handling porn, at least he knows where to aim the focus during these scenes.

I'm not sure what drives Andreas Bethmann to make the movies he make, I'm sure he would be a lot better at say.. pure porn, or maybe just going with crazy splatter like Andreas Schnaas. I suppose the mixing of genres with inserted pornography is what have made his name as big as it is. There's just much less competition there. We have some horror porn movies but they are usually boring as well, and films like "Porn of the Dead" are even worse than this one. In that sense I suppose Bethmann is a winner because there is always charm in his crapfests. And I certainly think his films often are more fun to watch than some of the films by Jess Franco and Joe D'Amato (but they have also made films that kick "Rossa Venezia" in the ass without trying).

"Rossa Venezia" isn't a complete failure. I mean, it's a terrible movie but that's to be expected. If we're being very serious with what's wrong with it, then it could've been better if the story was worked on a bit more and the sex scenes weren't the biggest focus (and if they are, make them more hot and memorable). Add some more original death scenes and let Olaf Ittenbach do the effects like in some of his other films. It might sound like too much, but it really isn't. I'm sure even Bethmann could get it right. "Rossa Venezia" is worse than "Angel of Death 2" and "Dämonenbrut", so you're better off watching those I think. The former was reviewed by Preston so you can check his thoughts there, and the latter is just more fun because it has tentacle smut and monsters. "Rossa Venezia" is worth buying for the packaging only.

Positive things:
- Great monsterbox release!
- Bethmann is being Bethmann.
Negative things:
- Bethmann is being Bethmann.
- Not gory enough.
- Boring kills.
- The death scene of the killer is ridiculous.

Gore: 2/5
Nudity: 5/5
Story: 1/5
Effects: 1/5
Comedy: 2/5

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