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Title: Run Run It's Him!

Also known as:

Year: 2014

Genre: Documentary

Language: English

Runtime: 87 min

Director: Matthew Pollack

Writer: Matthew Pollack


A young man studies his own porn addiction. He starts shooting a documentary about himself where he goes through his life of discovering porn and his few sexual experiences.

Our thoughts:
"Run Run It's Him!" is a documentary made by its own subject - the porn addict Matthew Pollack. There's a clear difference when documentaries are shot by a third party (one that's distanced to the subject) and when it's shot by someone directly involved. When the filmmaker is also the person that the documentary is about it comes off as more honest, more straight to the point and more passionate. For obvious reasons, of course. When it comes to "Run Run It's Him!", I'm glad Matthew Pollack decided to make it himself as it gives him the chance to make fun of himself but without ruining the sincerity.

Matthew Pollack has been addicted to porn ever since he first discovered it. Matthew started shooting the documentary at the age of 24 and shooting continued for a few years. At 29 (today he's 38) he didn't have much in his life outside of his porn collection and membership cards at adult movie stores. His life consisted of few sexual experiences and a bunch of lonely moments with his hand and movies. In case it doesn't sound severe enough: every day was planned around watching porn. With "Run Run It's Him!" he opens up to us, but he's also letting himself take a look what his friends and family think of the addiction.

There's no reason to dislike "Run Run It's Him!". Honestly, if you dislike it then you're a prude asshole. I say that because it tackles the subject in a very fun, charming and realistic way. It doesn't try to dramatize the situation, but it's still honest in that he's way too attached to his pornography. What makes this so enjoyable is that Matthew and everyone else around him can joke around but they're not treating his addiction or the documentary as a joke. Being addicted to porn doesn't exactly bring much to his life, yet it's a very sweet movie and one that several people could relate to in today's world of instant access to porn on the internet.

"Run Run It's Him!" isn't a hypocritical documentary. It's about porn, so it shows porn. If you have no interest in watching graphic sex then you're a liar. I'm glad that the movie does show porn because... why wouldn't it? That said, it's often using the pornography to lighten the mood and highlight the silliness of most porn (especially those with a plot).

Matthew Pollack is a funny and very sweet guy who happens to love porn. A lot. Too much! But he's not the weird perverted kind, he's just a guy who loves porn. This documentary isn't sad even though he often talks about how much his life is lacking. It could serve some good to fellow porn addicts even if just to see that they're not alone. The interviews with his friends are entertaining, and you gotta love his tests where he gives his female friend's his favorite porn scenes for them to analyze. "Run Run It's Him!" ends on a happy note and leaves no porn addicts discriminated. I urge you all to purchase the movie.

Positive things:
- Funny and sweet, while being sad.
- Matthew Pollack is very likable in his honesty.
- It shows porn without censoring it, something that always seemed weird in documentaries about the subject.
- A heartwarming end.

Negative things:
- Anyone who wants a documentary that goes into depth about porn addiction and what causes it and so forth will be disappointed.

Gore: 0/5
Nudity: 4/5
Story: 0/5
Effects: 0/5
Comedy: 3/5

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