Title: Same Time Every Year

Also known as:

Year: 1981

Genre: Adult

Language: English

Runtime: 80 min

Director: Fred J. Lincoln

Writer: Fred J. Lincoln & Cathy Karwoski

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0183736/

Husbands are leaving for a supposed annual lawyers convention, but their wives are well aware of the truth - that they're going for a bit of fun on the side. The wives have decided to take advantage of this time away from each other in similar ways.

Our thoughts:
We're usually not looking to review something as straight on porn as "Same Time Every Year", but considering it was sent to us along with "Serena: An Adult Fairytale" and is by the same director, I suppose it's quite alright to give this one a go as well. Where "Serena: An Adult Fairytale" did offer a bit more, this one certainly does not... except for cheesy lines and Ron Jeremy as a chauffeur!

It starts by going through all of our characters: husbands and wives. It goes from one couple to another, where the husband is about to leave for a business trip. But before they leave they have have a little bit of sex! One by one. Once that's over with, they "finally" leave and it's revealed (not in an M. Night Shamyalan twist-way, but revealed still) that the wives are aware of the husbands annual time away from their wives to have sex with other women. So the women have started doing the same while they have the chance. The rest of the movie is that: wives having sex with men and sometimes each other, and husbands having sex with women.

I'm surprised the "plot" took that long to write. It's not a plot - it's a bunch of fucking with added dialogue in between. I'm sure they went with a "weekend away/off" plot because it turns people on to be a bit naughty.

Am I right? I'm right, but I don't even know it! What? Yeah.

Okay, "Same Time Every Year" is 80's pornography through and through. It's nothing else. Even though these cheesiness in between might entertain you, there's so little of it that I wouldn't suggest going into this unless you for some reason watch pornography for entertainment, or because you want to see some classic porn. If that's the case, then you could do a lot worse than this. There's plenty of scenes, some very short and some a bit longer. The women look good and the men are... men. They have facial hair, chest hair and penises - what do you expect? Ron Jeremy enthusiasts might also want to give it a go!

80's pornography differed a lot from the modern stuff, and that's probably why it's something you can often watch without the intention of arousal - it was cheesy fun. But "Same Time Every Year" is pretty much straight on, little in between. It's sex scene on top of sex scene, and not the subtle erotic stuff - it's the whole pounding mile of porn. There's not much more to it (except, again, cheesy dialogue!) so it's up to you what you're interested in. I'd suggest "Serena: An Adult Fairytale" for a few reasons over thus one!

Positive things:
- As far as pornography goes, it does what it should.
- Cheesiness in the attempted plot that they didn't really care about anyway!
- Ron Jeremy fans will get a taste of that fur.

Negative things:
- I'm not sure what's negative about it. I always enjoy more silly storylines in old pornography, and this one doesn't have that. So there's always that!

Gore: 0/5
Nudity: 5/5
Story: 0.5/5
Effects: 0/5
Comedy: 2.5/5

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