Title: Schoolgirl Report vol. 2

Also known as:
Schoolgirl Report Part 2: What Keeps Parents Awake at Night
Der neue Schulmädchenreport 2.Teil - Was Eltern den Schlaf raubt
Schoolgirls' Report - Why Parents Lose Their Sleep
Las colegialas se confiesan 2
Raportti koulutytöistä
Les petites cochonnes
Further Confessions of a Sixth Form Girl
Reportage gyro apo tis mathitries No 2
Thranio No 2: Etsi mathame ton erota
Rapport om skolflickorna
Der neue Schulmädchenreport

Year: 1971

Genre: Sexploitation / Mockumentary / Comedy / Drama

Language: German

Runtime: 91 min

Director: Ernst Hobauer

Writer: Günther Hunold, Kurt Seelmann, Günther Heller

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0067717

After the success of the first film, Friedrich von Thun has gathered a group of adults who wrote letters to the production company about their own experiences and stories about the sexuality of young women in Germany.

Our thoughts:
"We received 1,665 letters. Out of those true stories we've selected the most interesting."

So it's a movie version of the Penthouse Forum? Oh, wait, no. It's just "Schoolgirl Report Volume 2".


Yes, only after a year, Ernst Hofbauer returned with the second installment of the "Schoolgirl Report" films due to the success of the first film. Also because there was a supposed high demand for another film based on the sheer number of letters they received of people asking for more and sharing their stories.

"Schoolgirl Report 2" is a little more interesting than its predecessor by going for more of the documentary, or "news report", style instead of having one main plotline with small vignettes attached to it. "Schoolgirl Report 2" opens up with Friedrich von Thun addressing the audience and explaining that there was never a sequel intended and that one is being done merely to satisfy the demand for one. For the sequel though, the vignettes come from different letters that they (who ever they is) received with more lured tales of sex and schoolgirls. Each story is introduced by an adult -- parents, teachers, etc. -- who, supposedly, wrote the letters.

So, more or less, the scenario is still the same -- adults sitting in a room, talking about teens having sex -- but this time around they tried to present the film as being more documentary than movie. Which I didn't mind since the documentary aspect is what I found the most interesting from the first movie. There are still the street interviews that feature a mix of real and staged, as well.

Of course the movie also contains the reenactments of the sexual escapades of "real" schoolgirls, which I was glad to see was handled in a more erotic style instead of being nothing more than cheap masturbation fodder. However, in this second volume, they tried to keep up the eroticism but somehow managed to create something that was awkward and was on the border of being uncomfortable to watch. I can only assume they were going for a more realistic approach on this second volume as a few of the stories take a rather dark turn and the overall message about youth and sex is far more heavy handed this time around.

There are a few comedic scenarios in part two but the juxtaposing of the humorous scenes with the serious only added to the overall awkwardness of the movie. And when I say that the movie is awkward it's because there are certain stories that just makes what you're watching seem uncomfortable rather than fun. In particular there is a story of a girl who is caught having sex with an older man who is renting a room in her parent's house. The girl is caught and shamed for her past exploits (having over forty sexual encounters) in court while the man is being convicted of having sex with a minor, and out of that shame, the girl tries to commit suicide by hanging herself. Then you have another segment where female students blackmail a professor into having sex with them, which in turn causes him to kill himself in fear of being caught. And last but not least, there's a story about a girl being drugged and gang raped inside what would easily be described as a crack house. That's it. She goes some place to get drugs and is raped. That's all the segment is.

Now I'm not complaining about these scenes nor am I even offended by them -- it's just a movie, after all. It's just that retrospect of what the "Schoolgirl Report" movies exist as, in comparison to what these particular scenes are, it makes the experience of watching it seem more uneasy than it should have been. It's not fun and it sure as shit isn't erotic either. On one hand, I can appreciate and even like that they weren't afraid to go for a more grounded and realistic (for lack of a better word) approach to the material, instead of dwelling in the adult-fantasy aspect consisting of barely legal boobs. Again though, these are sexploitation movies and that's all they were ever meant to be so what am I suppose to do with a scene that has a woman being injected with a drug so a group of men can rape her? And when comedy is also inserted into the movie, it's almost like going from a sex-comedy to an unpleasant after-school special, and that just makes everything feel weird and awkward.

I guess I shouldn't complain since I said the documentary moments in the first movie were more interesting and I wished that they had focused on that instead of the eroticism. And that's the direction they went with in this volume as they tried to reflect more of the real world while exploring the sex life of teenagers, and that includes some material that's less than pleasant. Perhaps that's a good thing since they could have easily made a movie that was nothing more than young German women getting naked. I guess it depends on whether you're a "glass is half-full or half-empty" kind of viewer. Me, personally, I'm more of a "everything is terrible" kind of viewer BUT I did appreciate that there was a clear and definite message being delivered in "Schoolgirl Report Volume 2" at least. Not the message itself but the fact that the movie had something to say about view-points between young people and adults regarding sex and the general change in culture.

Positive things:
- Included more of the "news report" and documentary style.
- Obviously wasn't afraid of trying to be something more than a sexploitation movie.
- A message and overall point was much more apparent this time around.

Negative things:
- Some dark material is covered in this movie that included rape and suicide. With the addition of comedic scenes also in the movie, it makes the whole thing uncomfortable and weird.

Gore: 0/5
Nudity: 3.5/5
Story: 2/5
Effects: 0/5
Comedy: 1/5

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