Title: Schoolgirl Report vol. 4

Also known as:
Schoolgirl Report Part 4: What Drives Parents to Dispair
Colegialas perversas
Perversión juvenil (Colegialas perversas)
Reportage gyro apo tis mathitries No 4
Thranio No 4: Sexomania anilikon koritsion
Barely Innocent
Campus Swingers
Sex Education

Year: 1972

Genre: Sexploitation / Mockumentary / Comedy / Drama

Language: German

Runtime: 88 min

Director: Ernst Hofbauer

Writer: Günther Hunold, Kurt Seelmann, Günther Heller

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0069234/

With the continued success of the "Schoolgirl Report" films, the filmmakers return with another volume to explore the wild lives of young women.

Our thoughts:
I'll be honest. After watching the third volume of the "Schoolgirl Report" films, I was expecting this fourth volume to be FULL of rape. Creating a movie that was so awkward and uncomfortable that it could only be compared to having a clown show up to your child's birthday party only wearing a rubber nose and has a massive erection. Sure, some deviants in the crowd are going to enjoy it but for the rest of us it's just unpleasant.

There's still a bit of that awkwardness in "Schoolgirl Report volume 4" but it seems like in this edition the people behind it had a better understanding of the movie's intended purpose and how they should go about it. I'll get it out of the way and say that, yes, there is another segment that features rape (well, attempted rape) and some incest as well, but it was handled much better this time around.

My problem with the last movie is that it went from one extreme to the other: going from dark content with rape, suicide and murder, to comical tomfoolery. And I was afraid that was going to the case again since the segment was about a group of white girls tricking the one black female student into going to a fake party so she would be attacked by the boys from their class. The reason this scenario wasn't unpleasant in comparison to what went on in the previous volume, is that it did not dwell on the rape itself nor did it try to make it erotic. It was merely a brief moment that actually had significance to the point of the story in the segment. There is another segment where an older man pretends to be the school's doctor in order to have sex with female students. In retrospect, a situation that is almost as unpleasant as the rape one, but again, it's kept brief and isn't the focus. Instead it is used as a setup to the story of a male student pretending to be a doctor in order to have sex with his girlfriend but things comically go awry.

It's a juxtaposition of the dark with the amusing that works because it avoids focusing on the unpleasant aspects of the segments, keeps it brief and doesn't create an awkward transition to the more upbeat segments. Which is what the former volume was greatly missing.

Also with this fourth volume, they completely dropped the interview segments and seemed to step away from the whole documentary gimmick, and presented itself more as recreations of true stories from schoolgirls. And again, that small changed worked very well in the movies favor. Now I didn't mind the interviews from the previous installments since it was interesting to see what the mindsets were like for that part of society during that time. However, with the movie no longer trying to pass itself off as a documentary and accepting it's exploitive nature, it made the whole thing a little more enjoyable since it didn't feel like it was being weighted down with the realism aspect.

In general, the segments are also more inline of what I was originally expecting out of these movies. Stories about schoolgirls seducing teachers to get better grades or how their perceptions changed after having sex for the first time. Things of that nature. One of the better segments is about a group of girls who have their fun by teasing a young man only to have the tables turned when his sexual prowess proves to be too much for the girls. Ridiculous? Absolutely. But to me, that's what these movies are and it's something that the other volumes needed -- to be ridiculous. They are not mondo films and they are not "Emanuelle" movies either so they should embrace the ridiculousness and be comical, like it appears they want to.

Of course I cannot forget to mention that this latest volume features Christina Lindberg who provides, unquestionably, one of the hottest segments out of the four movies so far. I certainly feel weird saying that since her story revolves around her seducing her brother out of (sexual) frustration -- as well as her having a nightmare where she is taken by her father. Again though, how the movie presents the material is what makes it far less awkward than it could have been by comparison. Lindberg's ability to just ooze sexuality has an ability to make you forget what it is you're watching, no matter what the movie is, so that helped as well. Also, the segment is insanely weird; the focus is actually on Lindberg's character and her sexual frustrations and it results in generating a full blown psychedelic nightmare sequence that features a nun out in the desert, stripping, and is then executed by soldiers. Again, by comparison, Lindberg's character engaging in sex with her sibling seems far less weird after watching something like that.

All in all, "Schoolgirl Report volume 4" proved to be a much more enjoyable movie than the last two volumes due to it being a much more competently produced film. It dropped unnecessary elements in favor of embracing the true nature of what these movies are: sexploitation. The stories in each segment seemed to be more inline with what you would expect from a movie that is suppose to be about true stories about sex and young women.

Positive things:
- Christina Lindberg!
- Much improved quality in the filmmaking.
- A few "darker" spots in the segments but nowhere near as bad as the third volume.
- Better stories/segments.
- The psychedelic nightmare sequence. It's very strange and helped in making the movie interesting, even if it was only briefly.

Negative things:
- A personal preference perhaps, but I'd be fine if they removed those darker segments from the series entirely.

Gore: 0.5/5
Nudity: 3.5/5
Story: 2.5/5
Effects: 0/5
Comedy: 2/5

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