Title: Schoolgirl Report vol. 6

Also known as:
Schoolgirl Report Part 6: What Parents Would Gladly Hush Up
Campus Pussycats
Schulmädchen-Report 6. Teil - Was Eltern gern vertuschen möchten
Sexualidad en las aulas
Erotic Young Lovers
Thranio No 6: Erotikes adynamies mathitrion
Lolite supersexy

Year: 1973

Genre: Sexploitation / Mockumentary / Comedy / Drama

Language: German

Runtime: 89 min

Director: Ernst Hofbauer

Writer: Günther Hunold, Kurt Seelmann, Günther Heller

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0070650

In this sixth installment of the "Schoolgirl Report" series, we dive deeper into the wild world of the sex lives of young women in contemporary Germany. Watch as a female student tries to seduce her provocative female teacher. What happens when boys are fed up with school's Tomcat bedding all the girls. Understand what's it like to be a window-washer at a school with a flirtatious student body. All of these shocking stories and many more!

Our thoughts:
I continue to make jokes about going into each "Schoolgirl Report" film with optimism to only then be regretful due to a mix of shock and anger. Honestly though, at this point, I know exactly what I'm going to get every time I watch a new installment. And even though I knew watching two volumes in one sitting was a bad idea, I decided to go through with it since it would put at the halfway point with the series.

So here we are. "Schoolgirl Report 6". What excitement lies in wait in the volume with the subtitle, "What Parents Would Gladly Hush Up"? The same ol' shit of course!

With Volume 6, we're back the setup of a group of parents holding a tribunal after two students are caught having sex. Instead of discussing the matter at hand, the adults then share lurid stories of sex and schoolgirls.

Again, a standard mix of comical scenes with schoolgirls having sex and getting caught or almost getting caught along with darker toned material, such as a farmer pimping his daughter out to pay for his drinking problem. You know, that standard unbalanced mix that makes these movies irritating to watch.

To be fair though, this volume was less frustrating to watch since the movie does not dwell on or exploit those darker elements. For example, there is a rape sequence (at this point, I accept the fact that there's going to be rape in every volume) but nothing is shown. Instead a point is made that the parents do not acknowledge or wish to talk about those kind of situations as opposed to the situation where two young people are discovering sex together. While I don't watch or review these movies for their insight or intellect (regardless of how hard they try), it was a moment that almost made me want to clap.

It presented an interesting change from the movie's usual attempt at trying to make it seem like young women would enjoy being gang raped by her classmates. And even the story of a girl being pimped out by her father felt less exploitive than some of the material presented in other volumes.

It doesn't make the shift between erotic-comedy to exploitation any less disruptive and off-putting, but after six volumes, I'll take my so-called victories, as small as they might be, where I can. Technically, Volume 6 is probably the closest this series has come to finding a genuine balance since Volume 4. It's too bad as well since the different segments usually work well at what they're trying to accomplish. If only they stopped trying to blend darker material, like rape, in with comedic material, like a window washer trying to boink students while class is in session. That one small change would these movies far more tolerable.

Positive things:
- One of the less frustrating installments to watch since it doesn't suffer from a tonel change.
- A spectacular dummy death! (image 3)

Negative things:
- Watching "Schoolgirl Report" films back-to-back is rough.

Gore: 0.5/5
Nudity: 3.5/5
Story: 2.5/5
Effects: 0/5
Comedy: 2/5

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