Title: Schoolgirl Report 7

Also known as:
Schoolgirl Report 7: What the Heart Must Thereby
Schulmädchen-Report 7: Doch das Herz muß dabei sein
Mathitries 7: Erotikes ataxies mathitrion
Thranio No 7: Erotikes ataxies koritsion
Teenage Playmates
El sexo que viene
Lucifer's Angels

Year: 1974

Genre: Sexploitation

Language: German

Runtime: 93 min

Director: Ernst Hofbauer

Writer: Günther Heller

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0072124/

A young girl heads into the city to find out if it's true that her brother runs a brothel of schoolgirls. Soon after discovering the truth, a fight breaks out when a client gets the wrong idea about his sister and mistakes her for a prostitute. As a result, the police are called and soon everyone finds themselves standing before a judge. What follows are different lurid tales of schoolgirls and their journey into adulthood as they discover the power of sex.

Our thoughts:
"Six?! What happened to seven?!"

Or I guess that should be: Seven? What happened to 1-6? Yes, it does seem odd to jump right onto part seven in the "Schoolgirl Report" series, but since CAV were kind enough to send us the latest release in the series from Impulse Pictures. Well then, who are we to say no to them? The only other "Schoolgirl Report" movie I've seen is the first one but it doesn't seem to matter too much since they're only related by title.

Schoolgirls are a prominent part of the story in Part 7, but instead of it being the sexual escapades of schoolgirls and how teachers/parents respond to their sexual exploration. This movie is about young girls who work in a brothel who eventually find themselves in court for prostitution. The movie indicates that it will be about these girls talking about their experiences in front of a judge - it actually becomes about the stories parents tell each other while they wait outside the court room. The stories still involve young girls and how sexually free they are (during the time the movie was made) - like girls who use sex to torment an ice cream shop owner. Or a girl who runs a scam with a biker gang by hitchhiking and then seducing the men who pick her up by luring them to an abandoned cabin.

As I said, the only other "Schoolgirl Report" that I've seen is the first one and that movie played out a little bit differently than what I had expected. While typical in some aspects in regards to sexploitation, it did have a point and message about the changing of views and attitudes in regards to sex with youth. "Schoolgirl Report 7", however, is a different beast and played out more like what I had expected from the first movie since it's about parents telling different lurid tales to one another about rebellious and sexually active schoolgirls.

The movie bounces from one random sexual vignette to another that shifts tones dramatically. Such as the story of three girls seducing an ice cream shop owner that ends with all four running around a hotel naked while being chased by the mans wife - A very silly story that seemed like something out of a Benny Hill sketch. Other times the movie is serious with a morality tale of the hitch-hiking girl who seduces men only to have them beaten and robbed by her boyfriend’s gang. She is eventually saved and redeemed by a priest. There's even an odd bit of cultural-bigotry of what happens when a prudish Prussian teacher encounters out of control Bavarian students. Intended to be more comedic - it still becomes a very strange scene because of the unusual focus on cultures of the characters.

Even though the changing tone is a bit confusing the movie is still successful at being erotic (most of the time) and still has its roots embedded into the whole schoolgirl theme. Since three of the stories do tie into the theme of young women and their sexual journeys that help remind the viewer as to why the term 'jailbait' came to be. There isn't much else to say really. Movies like this it isn't so much a question of the quality of the movie but more of how good is the sexual and erotic nature. In that respect, I have to say was fairly good, which raises some questions I have about myself considering the content. Overall "Schoolgirl Report 7" is a good movie; it wasn't bad by any means but there wasn't anything exceptional about it either. It isn't something you have to seek out but if you're a fan of sexploitation movies and are interested in the "Schoolgirl Report" movies, then it's not a bad film to have in your collection.

Positive things:
- Plenty of bare skin and sex abound.
- While extremely silly, the story of the three girls and the shop owner was entertaining.
Negative things:
- Some awkward sex scenes.
- Changing tones.

Gore: 0/5
Nudity: 3/5
Story: 2.5/5
Effects: 0/5
Comedy: 2/5

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