Title: Score

Also known as:
The Score

Year: 1972

Genre: Sexploitation / Erotica / Comedy

Language: English

Runtime: 92 min

Director: Radely Metzger

Writer: Jerry Douglas

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0069236

Elvira and Jack are a married couple who enjoy the swinger's life style and are always looking to explore new sexual endeavors. When Elvira befriends Betsy, a naive and young newlywed, she takes a particular interest in her do to her innocents and beauty. Elvira and Jack invite Betsy and her husband Eddie over to their house for a private party where Elvira and Jack have a bet going to see who can corrupt the young couple first. It's hard to know what is going to hit the floor first; morals or clothing.

Our thoughts:
Apparently I missed the boat with Radely Metzger on my career path as a movie nerd. I had heard of "Camille 2000" but I never came across "The Lickerish Quartet" or "Score", which apparently is surprising. So where as most people were amped up for Cult Epics high-definition transfer of the uncut version. About the most I could muster up was, "Aight." Although, having the blu-ray land on my doorstep from Cult Epic's distributor CAV (It was originally sent it to Ronny, who then sent it to me since I actually had access to a blu-ray player. We're a bit behind on the times here at Film Bizarro.) I had a change in interest. Now I wanted to see what all the hype was about of what is considered to be one the best and end-all be-all of eroticism.

The story is as simple as it gets: Elvira and Jack are a happily married couple who are also swingers. Oh and they're both bi-sexual too. Elvira befriends a young woman named Betsy, who’s a good Christian girl and doesn't do anything to wild with her husband Eddie. This peaks the interest of Elvira and Jack who promptly make a bet as to who can get Betsy and Eddie to join the wild life of free love and swapping mates. So a majority of the movie takes place over a single night of Elvira and Jack having a 'private party' where they try to corrupt Betsy and Eddie, which they do, and that leads to pot smoking, nudity, costume play, and rolls in the hay.

I'm afraid though, much like Radely Metzger himself and his work, I missed the boat with "Score." The movie never really came off as erotic to me; it was more of a typical 70's sex comedy. Filled with bad jokes, more sex puns than you could shake a...stick...at, amusingly bad performances, and some god awful music. When the explosive climax is reached there is some eroticism found between Claire Wilbur and Lynn Lowry as their scene is pretty soft, as it never gets too raunchy. Opposed to the scene between Gerald Grant and Cal Culver who really get down in dirty in full explicit detail. (Yes, if you didn't know already, there is gay sex in here between men.)

Certainly the ending lives up to some of the hype and expectations that surrounds "Score" but everything that lead up to it, was a fairly dull. It's mostly about watching Elvira and Jack play games as they bring the naive couple to the dark but sexy side of swinging 70's sex. It becomes nothing but scene after scene of awkward moments of bad acting and terrible jokes, set to some painful music from the decade. I certainly wasn't expecting a masterpiece of cinematic perfection before I started watching "Score", but it's also not quite the titillating movie that it was supposed to be either.

"Score" is what it is; a bold exercise of sexploitation and eroticism that pushes the boundaries by including bi-sexual characters that were men. Not the typical girl-on-girl scenarios to appease the expected male audience members. Playgirl put it best with their quote on the cover; there is something for everybody in "Score." With all the negative things I had to say, the movie is far from terrible and is actually fairly watchable since it is a pretty basic sex-comedy. It's one of those movies that could have been better but also could have been worse.

Please Note: The screenshots in this review do not represent the quality of the transfer and print of Cult Epic's blu-ray release of "Score." The screen shots come from an alternate source do to our inability to get screen caps off the blu-ray disc..

Positive things:
- Covers a side of sex that most movies hadn't and still don't.
- Unapologetic sex scenes.
- Builds up to the erotic moments. It isn't merely scene after scene of bare skin.

Negative things:
- The puns!
- Typical 70's sex-comedy: bad jokes, bad acting, and awkward moments.
- Bad music.

Gore: 0/5
Nudity: 4/5
Story: 2.5/5
Comedy: 2/5

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