Title: Sexandroide

Also known as:
Les Sexandroides
La Dagy de Les Sexandroides

Year: 1987

Genre: Softcore / Torture / Experimental

Language: French

Runtime: 57 min

Director: Michel Ricaud

Writer: N/A

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0332389/

"Sexandroide" is a bizarre and erotic serie of shorts, featuring three girls getting tortured and mutilated in some of the strangest scenes ever made.

Our thoughts:
Of course you have high expectations when you're about to watch a film called "Sexandroide". What makes you even more excited is some of the comments on IMDb:

"Sexandroide is an extremely strange soft core porno/S&M horror which is literally splashed with gore."
"If you enjoy watching gore and nudity you can't go wrong with this piece of ultra-weirdness."
"The Strangest Film I've Ever Seen..."

Yes, it's a very strange film, but neither "ultra-weirdness", or "splashed with gore" fits this film. Going back to the title - it promises two things, right? Sex and androids. The film doesn't have any of these, only lots of nudity (I'm assuming there is a rule against girls wearing clothes where this film was filmed). And it certainly doesn't have alot of gore. It's splashed with blood, and only features very weak amounts of actual gore.

The first scene in the film is by far my favorite, because it's the (unintentionally) funniest of the three. It shows a girl being tortured through a Voodoo doll. There are two things that makes this part of the film better than the rest, and the first one is the fact that the girl is even getting undressed through Voodoo. The other one is all her moaning. Sooo much moaning.

The second is the goriest of the three, and the most brutal, but it's all very ridiculous. A white/green-faced Frankenstein lookalike with a lizard/bird-ish mouth tortures a girl who at times screams from the pain, but other times just seem to enjoy it. There is alot of piercing going on in the segment, and it all looks very realistic so I'm assuming that she's either getting pierced for real, or already have piercing holes there. This is probably the only part of the entire film where someone could turn away for a second. The highlights in this one is the blade-through-arm (I actually wonder how they did that) and the eye being cut out.

The last one.. Hmm, what can I say about the last one? Well.. There's no torture going on. A girl goes to a open casket funeral only to be attacked (and undressed, of course) by the man in the casket who's turned into a vampire. After she's bitten, the vampire quickly goes back to his casket. When the girl wakes up as a vampire (with ugly teeth), she starts dancing in the nude to Tine Turner's "What's Love Got To Do With It?" and perhaps one more song, can't really remember, but this dance goes on forever. That's about it. I couldn't help but think that this part of the film was only made so that those few who actually whipped out their dangly man meat would get a chance to finish what they started.

The most disappointing thing about the film isn't the lack of sex and androids, even though android sex would've been fun to watch, but it's the lack of gore. After all the things I've read about this film, gore was the only thing I actually believed would be there. Like I said earlier, there is lots of blood, and only few scenes of gore (all in the second part). The little gore we have looks alright for being.. a Z-grade flick, I guess.

"Sexandroide" felt and looked like it was a play in a theatre that just happened to be filmed, which is pretty interesting, and it actually makes the movie a bit more enjoyable, but when all is said and done, it's just a soft core torture tape with alot of strange but pointless shit going on. I honestly can't say if I found it to be entertaining or not, but watch it only if you're looking for low budget torture with lots of nudity and lack of gore.

Positive things:
- Large amounts of nudity.
- The few gore scenes are alright.
- The women were kinda pretty.
- Pretty comical.
- The way it was done made it feel like a play.
- Undressed through Voodoo!
- Cool front cover.
Negative things:
- Not gory or brutal enough.
- Last segment didn't have any torture or anything like that.
- Hard to know if they enjoyed the things that were done to them or not.
- I'm not a fan of vampires. Should've been werewolves instead!
- Tries way too hard to be sickening.
- Drags.

Gore: 1/5
Nudity: 3.5/5
Story: 0/5
Effects: 2/5
Comedy: 2/5

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