Title: Sex Equo

Also known as:
Sex in the Foreground (English title)

Year: 2011

Genre: Anthology / Comedy / Erotic / Drama

Language: Italian

Runtime: 63 min

Director: Werther Germondari & Maria Laura Spagnoli

Writer: Werther Germondari & Maria Laura Spagnoli

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1737728/

Adam and Eve have disobeyed God and are now wandering a facility full of forbidden fruit on display, with each apple telling their own little tale of erotica.

Our thoughts:
There are plenty of erotic and pornographic short film collections/anthologies out there, and Lord knows I have watched many of them. So the idea of it wasn't new when I went into "Sex Equo", but the thing that I found interesting about this one is that the stories are actually not focusing on the sex, but to be fun, sweet short films ABOUT sex. I often stumble upon these collections/anthologies that are all trying to feature artistic stories but the highlight remains the sex, and many of them get rather boring after a while. So it was very fun to watch this comedy/drama anthology which only has a theme of sex, rather than being pornography.

At first we're introduced to Adam and Eve, walking around in the nude. They find a small temple or sorts (there's probably a good word for the structure, but who am I - a structure-knower? Derp!) where they are soon chased by... well, the camera man - but let's give them the benefit of the doubt that it's God. They are then thrown out of Eden (that was Eden, by the way) and are now walking around in a facility, looking at forbidden fruit on display. Each of the fruits they stop to look at will take them into a story. These stories focus on sex, but do it through comedy and/or drama.

The names of the stories are slipping me (assuming that it's the titles that are written below the apples), but they are quite different from each other. One tells the story of a man who stalks a girl he sees in the subway. He follows her to a party, and lets himself in to the same party, only to find out that it's filled with girls. Lesbians, even. He tells the girl that he wants to have sex with her, but she says no. Followed by explaining that she will only have sex with him if he has sex with a man first. And what follows is his sexual adventure to get the girl (ending in a rather nicely shot sex scene between the two).

Another one is about the set of a film, where they are shooting a Little Red Riding Hood porno titled "Little Red Riding It". The shoot keeps getting interrupted by planes above their head, and finally a plane crash. And then the endless falling of pieces from the plane. And finally the pilot, who is quite surprised to see Little Red Riding Hood having sex with a man who is supposed to look like the ground.

The third I'll tell you about is quite sad at times, as it's about being in love with blowup dolls. Two men go into a room to have sex with inflatable dolls, but our lead doesn't have the big selection as the other guy, nor does he have a machine to help him blow up his doll. And his doll is a lobster. One day the other guy breaks one of his dolls, so our lead decides to bring it back home for his mother to fix it. I shouldn't go into the red, but it's definitely a nice mixture of sadness and funny. And definitely a story about sex, without even showing anything "adult".

"Sex Equo" is quite a funny and little sweet anthology of sex stories. Some of them are more erotic and explicit than others, but they all come off as being entertaining. And also with a sort of arthouse feeling to it, without being pretentious or in-your-face about it. I enjoyed this, and it turned out to be much better than just another compilation of porn shorts. It won't top your lists of masterful erotic cinema, but if you watch it in the right mood it should at least tickle your funny bone. At least it does that!

Positive things:
- Fun, simple stories about sex.
- Short runtime helps the flow.
- Some stories are more explicit than others.
Negative things:
- Wasn't too into the androgynous shooter story.

Gore: 0/5
Nudity: 2.5/5
Story: 2.5/5
Effects: 2/5
Comedy: 3/5

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