Title: Sex, Lögner & Videovåld

Also known as:

Year: 2000

Genre: Parody / Action / Splatter

Language: Swedish

Runtime: 70 min

Director: Richard Holm

Writer: Johan Holm & Richard Holm

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0286078/

Micke is a total film nerd, who's rather sitting home watching violent action movies than to be outside drinking and hanging out with friends. One night Micke has prepared to have an orgy of violent movies, but something rather strange interrupts his plans. While watching "Die Hard", one of the German terrorists from the film comes out of the television, and this launches a night of violence filled with known characters.

Our thoughts:
Here we have a shot-on-video film that was made around 1990 - 1993, but never got finished until 1999 - 2000, but even then it never got released. So, after many years of hearing about this film, I finally watched it. It's safe to say that it's very unusual, even for being a spoof film. There are many things that makes this film stand out, and one of the most notable things is that it's Swedish. We're not exactly a leading country when it comes to quality splatter or spoofs. We have "Evil Ed", which I still think overshines this one, but this is a worthy second.

It all starts off with Micke (played by Swedish porn director/producer Mike Beck) watching the first "Die Hard", and one of the German terrorists suddenly comes flying out of the TV. After they have been fighting (in Micke's case; running) for a while, the German dude finally runs out of ammo, so he leaves. When Micke finally thinks he's safe, his sister comes by (played by Swedish semi-celebrity Zara Zetterqvist). Sadly, she's not helping one bit, especially not since an alien (from the "Alien" movies, not the green kind) bursts out of her chest. This is where we get our first hints that it's all in Micke's head, because the second after she's standing up and everything is fine. She leaves, and Micke is stuck in his apartment with an alien. As he goes to his closet, he has to fight off a full-sized alien who luckily ends up falling out of the window. The alien runs away, and it's revealed that the alien was that German dude. I'm not gonna spoil it all, because if you manage to find it, I'd still want it to be a surprise for you. But, it's hard not to, so forgive me if I'm ruining it for you, but atleast I don't mention more about the plot. I want to mention a few cameos and fictional characters that you'll see in this film, and the situations they'll be seen in. First off, both Mel Brooks and Brandon Lee has small cameos in the film. Even bigger than that, and the main reason why I watched the film, Christina Lindberg is in the film, reprising her role as Frigga from "Thriller: A Cruel Picture". Except for these, we have a few rather big Swedish celebrities like the popstar Magnus Uggla, and the deceased comedian Micke Dubois (a.k.a. "Svullo"). Not excited enough yet? Well, we have a small scene with the turtle gang from "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles", and two of them are fucking eachother. We have Darkman from the Sam Raimi films with the same name. And my personal favorite fictional character in here, RoboCop. Yes, we have a long and great fight with RoboCop. It ends with him getting his head kicked off.

The film is filled with great effects (great by very low budget standards). Not only does RoboCop look great, and the alien too (much because he is in a strobe light), but we have some fun splatter. Some heads gets blown up, a few stomach shots, an alien bursts out of chest, and so on. It's not overly gory, but for it's short runtime (much of the runtime towards the end is just end credits and bloopers), there is enough to please us. After all, the film is awesome enough to be able to work even if there was no gore at all. Other effects in here are done as good as they could've been done.

It's obviously one hell of a film that should be seen by anyone who gets their hands on it. However, since the film never got released and seems like it never will, it's not something you'd find in any old asshole's film collection. It's not something you should go through hell to find, but if you find it then sure. Gotta love films that are this insane. Immature comedy, slapstick fighting, fun splatter, awesome references and such are just a few of the things that makes this a memorable film.

Positive things:
- RoboCop!
- Christina Lindberg!
- Blood!
- Alien!
- Magnus Uggla actually did a good job playing the goofy doctor.
Negative things:
- Could've been a bit longer if you ask me.

Gore: 1.5/5
Nudity: 1/5
Story: 4/5
Effects: 2.5/5
Comedy: 5/5

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