Title: She Cat

Also known as:
Meneko (Original title)
Female Cat (Alternative title)

Year: 1983

Genre: Thriller / Erotica

Language: Japanese

Runtime: 87 min

Director: Shingo Yamashiro

Writer: Chiho Katsura & Makoto Naitô

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0226135/

Dr. Mineko Kagami, a gynecologist, ends up in the middle of an assassination. When they accidently miss their target and hits one of Kagami's clients, she's suddenly in danger - along with everyone she knows. Kagami has to take revenge.

Our thoughts:
This awesome cover by Impulse Pictures, the great plot outline and the great rack on the lead were a few things that made me more interested in "She Cat" than in most Nikkatsu films. It seemed to carry a certain style that would set it apart from the rest, and it was also longer which indicates that it focuses more on the plot. And it did. Yet I can't say that it lived up to my expectations, but still it managed to be one of the more entertaining entries in Impulse's Nikkatsu catalogue.

We're introduced to a man who is strangely excited over the pregnancy of his woman (who is a post-op female). Her gynocologist is Mineko Kagami, "Cat". The intrigue starts with Kagami finding herself in the middle of a shooting at a party. The people attacking accidently kills the wrong person, and the post-op woman is shot. This entangles Kagami into dangerous drama where no one is safe. Skip forward a few sex scenes, rape scenes and meetings with bad people, and we have Kagami taking revenge. This is what we're watching the movie for! I mean, besides the lesbian scenes.

Let me start by going into the sex. It's Nikkatsu, after all. The movie does have a frequent stream of sex scenes, since that's pretty much a rule in the Nikkatsu world. Most of them are rather sub-standard (which means, standard Nikkatsu), but the lesbian scenes are actually great, steamy erotica. Not only because they offer good bodies, but because they are done a lot more tasteful than the rest of them (a rape scene just shortly after an abortion is hard to make sensual). My biggest complaint is the ridiculous censoring, though. I'm used to censoring in Japanese erotica, but this one is pushing it by having huge white glows/blurs covering most of their bodies whenever things are shown. It's really distracting, and takes me out of the most instantly. They had to censor it, but they didn't have to do it this way.

Okay, back to the plot. The plot outline isn't hard to grasp, but sadly the movie is. It makes it all more complicated than it has to be simply by adding too many characters from beginning to end. Much of the movie was spent trying to understand who the new person was, or if it was just one we've seen earlier. We really only needed certain things to enjoy the movie: the failed assassination, short introduction to Mineko Kagami, get her involved/in trouble, and finally have her take revenge. It doesn't need more steps than that, but sadly the filmmakers thought differently. The revenge stuff is great, but it's pushed into the very end of the movie. You'd think by having it in the end, it would make it feel so much better when she got her revenge, but no. My brain had pretty much disconnected by then.

This is a rather negative review, but "She Cat" is actually a recommended Nikkatsu title. It's not as easy to follow as you'd expect, but it has a higher quality than most and it focuses on the plot a lot. Most sex scenes are added bonuses, but some are actually appropriately included with the plot. You'll definitely want to see the lesbian scenes and Kagami's revenge, since these are the two things they built the movie on. In the end, it wasn't the great revenge erotica that I expected, but it's not a terrible watch.

Positive things:
- Ai Saotome's body.
- The lesbian scenes were good.
- Focuses more on plot than sex.
- The revenge at the end, though it was late and short.
- The j-rock/anime-ish opening song surprised me.
Negative things:
- As I said, the revenge is short and put at the very end of the movie.
- Gets confusing when they add to many characters.
- Completely failed comedy in a few scenes.

Gore: 1/5
Nudity: 3/5
Story: 2/5
Effects: 2/5
Comedy: 0.5/5

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