Title: She Wolf

Also known as:
Mujer lobo (Original title)

Year: 2013

Genre: Thriller / Exploitation / Horror / Drama

Language: Spanish

Runtime: 92 min

Director: Tamae Garateguy

Writer: Tamae Garateguy (story), Diego Fleischer (screenplay)

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2806386/

Lusting men in a subway in Buenos Aires meet a sexy woman who is more than open for a wild night. They bring her home and the night gets hotter by the minute, until it reaches its bloody, violent climax. It's the next night, and another man is about to get lucky. But the woman on the prowl is not always in control of herself...

Our thoughts:
Go back a few decades, to a glorious period where euro-sleaze was produced in masses. Sexuality in movies were not only a part of two characters love, but an essential part of the plot, and one of the main drive forces for people to even watch the movies. It's a genre that still lingers in the dark, coming out at certain occasions, but rarely does it show as much as it does in Tamae Garateguy's modern/punk-esque tribute to the euro-sleaze and sexploitation kings.

Our She Wolf lurks a subway in Buenos Aires for men willing to take her home. She brings out her most alluring side to get them weak by the knees, before she brings out the sexual beast in herself that turn the hot steamy night into a crime scene. While fighting her personal demons and trying to keep a relationship, her darker sides keep taking control and she keeps leaving bodies behind.

I'll admit to mistaking this for something a lot more like its title - a werewolf movie. Not the big, hairy beast kind, I knew it wasn't "The Howling" I was dealing with. In a way I was right, there's certainly elements of the main character that fits the title perfectly, and there is a transformation involved. The transformation of personalities, and one personality in particular being very much like a she wolf on the prowl to quench her lust and hunger. Hell, you could argue that she indeed DOES turn into a beast. But most of all, the title is just very appropriate about an innocent woman who is driven by the lusts within her, the other parts of herself that she keeps hidden. The most interesting thing about this movie is in fact that when she switches from the innocent one, to the alluring, or the downright horny and hungry, the decision was made by the filmmakers to literally change actress. That gives the movie a much stronger flavour of metamorphosis than your regular split-personality/disturbed thriller movie wouldn't.

Sex is in fact a huge part of the movie. Intentionally - it's not trying to keep it subtle or classy. It's a movie very much about lust and sexuality, and Tamae Garateguy successfully filled the movie with steamy, somewhat explicit sequences with beautiful women. It's simply a very raw look on sex, and it's only improved by having a darker edge to it.

"She Wolf" is not without its flaws. We only really care about our lead (I should say LEADS, as she is technically three different women) but it forces us to get emotionally invested in different characters. Nothing wrong with that, had it worked, but for me it simply didn't evoke any emotions. Whereas the lead, however, has a great range of emotions due to using three distinct actresses portray her. By the end of the movie it also hasn't evolved that much from where it started and comes across as slower than needed. Or maybe not slower, but repetitive. That those repetitive scenes are steamy sex scenes with a clawing climax isn't too bad, but it's something that ultimately made it a less involving movie.

I think Tamae Garateguy has created a movie that successfully takes elements of filmmakers like Jean Rollin and applies it to a grittier, darker modern day world where the sex is more wild than subtly erotic. "She Wolf" gets my recommendation, but you'd need to know what you're getting into. It's not the most complex or interesting story unfolding in front of us, but it's filled with raw sexual energy and has a main character complex enough to spend the time studying. The decision to have three women portray her is probably its strongest attribute, one that makes its title even more true than simply implying a "woman on the prowl" plot.

Positive things:
- The three actresses all do a great job with the lead's different personalities.
- Sexy women all around, and actually hot sex.
- I'm happy to see a modern tribute to euro-sleaze that works.
- The end sequence was a nice experimental touch.

Negative things:
- Repetitive.
- Never convinced me to care about anyone other than the lead.

Gore: 1.5/5
Nudity: 4/5
Story: 2.5/5
Effects: 2.5/5
Comedy: 0.5/5

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