Title: Shiver Of The Vampires

Also known as:
Le frisson des vampires (Original french title)
Sex and the Vampire
Strange Things Happen at Night (USA)
The Terror of the Vampires
Thrill of the Vampires
Vampire Thrills

Year: 1971

Genre: Drama / Horror

Language: French

Runtime: 95 min

Director: Jean Rollin

Writer: Monique Natan & Jean Rollin

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0065744/

The newlyweds, Isa and Antoine, are going to visit Isa's cousins over at a big castle. At arrival, two beautiful women tells the newlyweds that Isa's cousins recently passed away. The couple decides to stay the night, and when night falls, strange things start to happen. Isa's cousins are suddenly back, and together with the other two beautiful women, they try to lure Isa into their way of life.

Our thoughts:
This time around, I feel like I pretty much know what Jean Rollin is all about. I've liked very few of his films so far. His movies always have a dream-like feel and style, plenty of nudity, either weird or simple plots, and of course.. vampires. It sounds better than it actually is in this case.

A couple visits a castle (Jean Rollin loves castles), the people they are there to visit recently died. The dead cousins sense a virgin in the castle, and being the vampires that they are, they obviously has to turn the virgin into a vampire too. I was surprised that they had to do more than just to bite her for her to become one of the undead. This was probably one of the few things I did like. The story becomes extremely shallow after this, and sometimes it even feels nonexistent. A total change from how the film started off. Add to this that the lead vampires, the cousins, are two of the most annoying people I have ever witnessed on screen, and that's not a joke. Every time they were on screen, I started bashing my head in the wall. Ugly and just annoying fucks, that's exactly what they were. What I also noticed in this one was that the nudity was pointless. I never dislike nudity, and I didn't here either, but atleast in his other films there was some sense of eroticism and reason for them to undress. Here they just took off their clothes for the sole purpose of showing nude women, mostly in scenes that really can't be explained better than to be called pure crap-o-rama. There was one scene where at the end of it, one of the cousins undressed a women and the second she got naked it cut to next scene. Note that it clearly didn't happen to censor sex or anything, because they just stood in the middle of a room. Okay, enough of this.

I wish I could give a longer review to this film, but truth is that I can't form more sentences about it. I could go on and on about his style and feel, because that is still here, but fact is that you need to have seen other films of his to even have a shot to enjoy this one, so explaining the style would be pointless since people new to him should stay away to begin with.

It was alot better than "Rape of the Vampire", but atleast there were things to point out there. Here everything just seemed annoying, pointless and often there is no continuity. It has your standard Rollin nudity, and beautiful women to show it to us. The gore is barely there, and the gore we do get is not good at all. Check it out if you enjoy Jean Rollin and his weird, dream-like vampire fantasies. It has most of the things that you can find in any other Jean Rollin film, except it's very boring.

Positive things:
- Nudity and good looking women.
- Still has the Jean Rollin style that only he can create.
Negative things:
- Read my review and you'll find plenty.

Gore: 0.5/5
Nudity: 3/5
Story: 2/5
Effects: 1/5
Comedy: 2/5

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