Title: Silent Night, Deadly Night 2

Also known as:
Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2 (Full title)

Year: 1987

Genre: Slasher

Language: English

Runtime: 88 min

Director: Lee Harry

Writer: Lee Harry, Joseph H. Earle and more

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0093974/

Ricky's brother was responsible for a local massacre around Christmas times a couple of years earlier, and Ricky has since been going the same route as his brother. With a hatred for the horrible Mother Superior at their old orphanage, Ricky wants to finish what his brother started, as well as continuing the tradition of "sorting out the naughties".

Our thoughts:
Back in 2008 when we had just started out, we had our very first guest reviewer who went under the name of Shawn Tumor (only half of that name is real, and I won't tell you which part!). This guy reviewed the first "Silent Night, Deadly Night", an old classic I had mostly fond memories of. Since the movie was already reviewed on the site I didn't find a reason to rewatch it, until now when I wanted to get into the Christmas spirit a bit early. Surprised that I enjoyed it even more now than the last time I saw it, I decided to follow it up by watching the second movie the day after. Frankly, I'm glad the first one is as entertaining as it is, since the second movie is basically the same fucking movie. Literally!

It starts off with pretty much the first 40 minutes being a recap of the first movie. We literally see the entire movie, just leaving some bits out. Other than occasional scenes where our main character Ricky is telling the story, it's just the first movie compressed into 40 minutes! Jesus fucking hell, really!? Did you have to do that? Fine, whatever. Let's skip that part of it and focus on the actual story (which fills up about 45 minutes). Billy from the first movie had a brother, and in the end of the first one we see Billy get killed while his brother Ricky is a witness. It basically ends with the "Silent Night, Deadly Night" catch phrase: "PUNISH!!" (also "NAUGHTY!!!"). Now Ricky is older, and is in a mental institution. He's being interviewed by a doctor, and tells the story of Billy, and also of how he ended up in the hospital himself. Which was basically him walking down a street, shooting people, while laughing a very fake and retarded laughter.

The biggest problem, other than having the longest recap in history, is Eric Freeman who plays Ricky. His acting is extremely messed up. It's comedic in all the wrong places, and he is filled with annoying ticks (or actor mistakes) that keep his character far from menacing. Instead we think he might be close to a seizure. His eyebrows are fucking dancing, up and down at random. It's stupid, and probably more exciting than much of the movie. His acting chops are not improved when he walks around shooting people while laughing, as it just furthermore makes me believe he is mentally handicapped. Or was this intentionally funny/stupid? I can't believe that, it's just too poor.

If you loved the first movie then I think this is worth checking out. It's a rather direct sequel and doesn't mess with the original too much. Sure, it's shitty, but it's a sequel of a slasher so what do you expect? No great deaths in here either, at least not as fun/good as the nude chick on the deer head in the first one or the finale. We get some bullet holes and a decapitated nun (very non-graphic) and that's all. Are you satisfied with that? Unlikely, but again - this is strictly for the die hard "Part 1" and slasher fans.

I don't know what they were thinking when they made the first 40 minutes a recap of the first movie, but I am pretty sure it's somewhere between sniffing money and being lazy. Sadly the movie doesn't improve a lot after the first 40 minutes either, as we're stuck with horribly dancing eyebrows of the lead actor, and a fake laughter that could make a jolly Santa commit suicide. It's just a really bad movie, and perhaps there is some worth in that to some.

Positive things:
- The first movie is good, and since the first 40 minutes is basically a recap - success! Right? Meh.
- Watch it with friends and lots of alcohol and you'll have a lot of fun. Drink every time his eyebrow does a weird move.
- Has some slasher film charm.

Negative things:
- The recap.
- Eric Freeman.
- The eyebrows.
- The laughter.
- The lack of good kills and good nudity.

Gore: 2/5
Nudity: 2/5
Story: 2/5
Effects: 2/5
Comedy: 2/5

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