Title: Skräcken Har 1000 Ögon

Also known as:
Fear Has 1000 Eyes (International English title)
Sensuous Sorceress (US title)

Year: 1970

Genre: Horror / Occult / Erotica

Language: Swedish

Runtime: 75 min

Director: Torgny Wickman

Writer: Torgny Wickman & Inge Ivarson

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0070703/

People start to die after the cute Hedvig comes to visit Sven and Anna, a priest and his expecting wife. Mean while she also seduces the couple at any chance she gets. What they don't know is that Hedvig works with black magic and voodoo especially.

Our thoughts:
"Skräcken Har 1000 Ögon" is pretty much known in Sweden because it was the first horror/erotica. But that's taking very lightly on the term "horror". The movie is really more occult / erotica. Maybe thriller fits better, even though thrills are lacking. It's directed by Torgny Wickman, the same man who made "Anita", a much superior movie starring Christina Lindberg. You will also recognize the stars in this little black magic movie - Anita Sanders and Solveig Andersson. Anita has been in the early Tinto Brass movie "Attraction", as well a small part in Pasolini's "The Canterbury Tales". Solveig has been in a couple of Swedish productions, most importantly "Thriller: A Cruel Picture".

The story is basicly all about voodoo and erotica. The priest Sven and his pregnant wife Anna are living in a rectory, and their friend Hedvig is coming to stay with them for a while. After this, locals start talking about seeing a floating hand and they end up dead. It becomes clear to us that Hedvig is behind all of this, but with the use of black magic she manages to seduce both Sven and Anna into an orgy and keep them away from what is really happening.

There are some brief parts that attempt to be horror, and a bunch of scenes where Hedvig is either playing with voodoo or any other magic. Then of course you can't forget the erotic scenes. These are really the best part of the movie - both girls are very beautiful and it's not a problem of mine seeing them together. What hurts the movie so bad is the bits between the erotic scenes (ignore the "horror/magic" parts, they don't really give that much) because they are really just meaningless drivel that is there to push the story forward in some way.

There are some really horrible moments in this movie. The horror is bad, the story is meh, and all that's left is erotica. These scenes are pretty good though, and if you have an interest in Swedish erotica, that could make it worth it. Most work was put into these scenes, you can tell by many factors, such as lighting. It might not be the worst of its kind, it might not even be the most poorly made of its kind, but it still doesn't classify as anything but a bad movie with good erotica. I wouldn't recommend this movie to people who don't already know what it is, there's nothing for you here other than a poorly made Swedish film. Part of Swedish history, sure, but that's not always enough. Although, I will admit that the final scene was awesome in their own right.

Positive things:
- Beautiful girls!
- Finale wasn't too bad!
- I guess it counts as Sweden's first occult erotica, that's always neat.
- Not entirely without charm.
Negative things:
- It's really not a good movie. Slow, boring, poorly made.
- They should've added some extra bits of horror to really make it stand out.
- The floating hand. C'mon, don't ridicule the audience!

Gore: 0.5/5
Nudity: 3/5
Story: 1/5
Effects: 1/5
Comedy: 1/5

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