Title: The Slashening

Also known as:

Year: 2015

Genre: Independent / Comedy / Horror

Language: English

Runtime: 82 min

Director: Brandon Bassham

Writer: Brandon Bassham

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3783422/

On the night of 5 girls' sleepover, a psychotic murderer is on the loose, killing their pizza delivery men and eventually the friends find themselves hunted as well.

Our thoughts:
"The Slashening" is a follow-up to Brandon Bassham's "Fear Town, USA", a movie that I unfortunately haven't seen yet (though I have the chance to, I put the priority on "The Slashening" - and I wouldn't say I am missing much of importance to this story). "The Slashening" reminds me a bit of the Troma released "Psycho Sleepover" in that it tries to stay true to the slasher formula, but has no problem being completely wacko comedy through-out. And I'd say that "The Slashening" managed to entertain me the most of the two. It also appears that "The Slashening" and "Fear Town, USA" have both been picked up by Troma!

What "The Slashening" and "Psycho Sleepover" have in common is the sleepover aspect. In "The Slashening", a group of girls decide to spend the night drinking, showing each other their body parts, talk girl problems, and play ridiculous drinking games. When they order pizza, but the delivery guy never arrives, they call the place to send out a new one. As this repeats itself over and over again, they are soon faced with the reason behind it: a masked man has been killing the delivery men, and he is now looking to destroy the girls' sleepover party by butchering them one by one.

Combining slasher and comedy is nothing new, and while "The Slashening" didn't crack me up as much as "Freak Out" did in the mid '00s, or make me care as much as "Some Guy Who Kills People", it still does keep its viewers entertained for the majority of the runtime. There are a few moments where a scene doesn't manage to be funny but it goes on and on for quite a while. There are a few pausible reasons for my dislike of these scenes: either the filmmakers were oblivious about the comedy in those scenes not hitting the mark, they wanted to make the movie longer and didn't care that the comedy was so-so... or the comedy was just not up my alley. The opening scenes is one of these, and it almost pushed me away from the movie from the start. Luckily it quickly recovered after said scene.

The movie falls into many familiar holes that independent productions suffer from, but it doesn't let itself get pushed down too far by them. The main priority of the movie seems to be to deliver a ridiculous slasher comedy with vivid characters and over-the-top jokes. Whether everything it does is funny or not is up for debate, but you can't really fault the movie for it. The filmmakers and actors alike seem to enjoy what they are doing, and you can only guess that this movie is exactly what it was intended to be. I admire that, and I did find several moments of the movie to be funnier than I would have thought.

The movie isn't going for gory laughs, but there are some quirky moments of violence - from a woman being smashed into a mirror repeatedly, to a woman writing "HELP" on a window with her own blood. Most jokes seem to come from the typical teenage tropes: sex, drugs and low IQ. Seeing a woman do 8 long lines of coke through-out one conversation is not among the most over-the-top jokes delivered here, but rather the standard of what to expect.

If you go into the movie expecting this, you'll be fine. I had no real expectations and it took me a bit to adjust. "The Slashening" ends up being a decent enough comedy slasher, though never a complete riot. It has a bit too many long sequences that seemed to miss the mark for me, but they didn't ruin it entirely. I won't revisit it, but I don't regret watching it either. I wish I could say that about all movies I review. Give it a shot if you have the slightest interest in it. If not, you are probably not the target audience.

Positive things:
- It doesn't take itself seriously. At all!
- Seems like it is exactly what it intended to be.
- The characters all had their distinct personality.

Negative things:
- The rather long jokes/scenes that never hit the mark.
- Has a few bumps along the road, as expected from independent movies.

Gore: 2/5
Nudity: 0/5
Story: 2/5
Effects: 2/5
Comedy: 3/5

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