Title: Slaughter Daughter

Also known as:

Year: 2012

Genre: Horror / Slasher / Independent

Language: English

Runtime: 87 min

Director: Travis Campbell

Writer: Travis Campbell & Lauren Miller

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2140403/

A beautiful, popular daughter's hate for her mother turns into a plot for murder after she gets to know a serial killer. He teaches her methods of murder, and soon she's ready to rid the world of her mother.

Our thoughts:
One thing hit me early on with this little title is that it was obvious it was made by people with some actual ambitions and sense of style, unlike most movies I get from the slasher genre. To say it stands out greatly might be an exaggeration, but it definitely makes use of its light sources more than many independent films. But beyond that, it is a slasher movie - so how does it hold up to the thousand other ones out there?

Already in the plot it does differ a bit from the norm. While it's still a slasher, the characters and the relationships (which are the cause of the killings) were pretty interesting to watch while they developed. In short terms, the plot is about a young woman - beautiful and who seems to have most things going for her. But then her father dies, her mother quickly gets together with her father's brother, and also our lead is stood up on her wedding day early in the movie. Needless to say, it's too much for her to take. She goes crazy, cuts her finger off and is sent off to a mental institution, only to be released in time for her mother's wedding. Yadda, yadda, yadda, she eventually starts a relationship with a serial killer on death row, and he ends up teaching her how to kill when she starts visiting him. Something she has great use for when she is going to kill her mother. Oh and did I tell you the mother also has some weird lesbian relationship with a woman?

The idea is pretty good, and I like that a lot of time was spent on justifying our lead character's eventual attack on her mother. But unfortunately, it added too many characters (was the lesbian needed?). Knowing we got into a genre movie, there was a point where we felt that perhaps it should have gone on with it sooner, something that might have been caused by the number of characters.

"Slaughter Daughter" is for the most part a serious movie, but the independent production that it is shines through quite a lot by feeling like the actors were overacting in many scenes. It's something that put a damper on all possible suspense/thrills and emotional involvement. Having watched a ton of indie movies doesn't help that, it almost never does - unless the movie has some other major qualities, it is still important to get invested. Here I slowly felt myself distancing myself more and more from the movie.

But it's not all bad. As I said, I think they made a nicer looking movie than most would have in the genre and with the budget. They obviously knew what they wanted, and no doubt will this be even better in later movies. It also has some gore/blood and nudity, which definitely helps with the slasher atmosphere. Could it have used more? Of course it could have. There's rarely enough of that in the genre. But considering this one is building towards the killing for a long time, the amount we get when it's time for it is acceptable.

I'm sure you wouldn't go into a movie called "Slaughter Daughter" and expect the most amazing cinematic awakening, and it isn't. It's probably a better movie than the title would lead you to believe, however. My main problem is that I have seen too much for this to be enough. It has some flaws that I can't get over, but I can't deny that it's laying some ground for the filmmakers to walk upon in the future. I hope to see them make even more use of light and such in the future. Overall, I can't hate the movie but I wasn't impressed.

Positive things:
- It has a solid idea and it's good that it works on the plot first.
- Some good use of colored lighting.
- Certainly more ambitious than many other modern slashers.

Negative things:
- Though the plot and the time spent on it is good, at a certain point you feel they could've had less characters to make it go quicker.
- Overacting.
- Not a fan of the title.

Gore: 2/5
Nudity: 2/5
Story: 2/5
Effects: 2/5
Comedy: 1/5

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