Title: Smash Cut

Also known as:

Year: 2009

Genre: Comedy / Horror / Splatter

Language: English

Runtime: 83 min

Director: Lee Demarbre

Writer: Ian Driscoll

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1245735/

Bad movies are everywhere, and director Able Whitman (David Hess) makes some of the worst out there. After the screening of his latest film, "Terror Toy", a film that might be the bottom of the barrel as far as puppet horror goes, Able drinks his miseries away in a bar while trying to find inspiration. He ends up in a car with a stripper, Gigi Spot, and accidently crashes the car. Poor Gigi dies, and Able who was drunk driving has to find a way to get away with this accident. What better way is there than to use the body parts as props in a new film?

Our thoughts:
Honestly, few modern films trying to bring back the feeling of 60's and 70's trashy drive-in films succeed. We see tributes everywhere, and as fun as it can be to look at people trying to pay tribute to the era, they often end up as parodies or just.. shitty. "Smash Cut" was something else, I knew that from the first glance at the trailer. David Hess playing the role of a director who uses real bodies as props in his films? Fantastic! I try to keep a low key with expectations, but this movie was set to be a classic. And I do believe it will live on, even though it wasn't the excellence I had hoped for, it's still a worthy homage and overall fun splatter!

David Hess plays the troubled low budget horror film director Able Whitman who just can't seem to make a good movie. When his latest film, "Terror Toy", gets bashed on the premiere, he drinks himself blasted drunk and tries to find inspiration in the company of a stripper called Gigi Spot. And even though we all know you shouldn't drink and drive, Able Whitman did. Of course he crashes, with the stripper in his car. Now he has a dead stripper on his hands, and not a clue how to keep it a secret. Some directors go far to save their films, Able Whitman clearly goes TOO far when he starts using Gigi Spot's body parts as props in his latest film. Meanwhile, April Carson (played by cute porno star Sasha Grey) starts looking for Gigi Spot, who happens to be her sister. She hires detective Isaac Beaumonde to help her find her, and it doesn't take too long before Able Whitman is the suspect. The only way to be sure is to spend time around the director, so April auditions for a role in his next flick.

As you can see, this film is all about having one hell of a fun time, and it does it with style. When I say "style", I mean it captured the style of golden trash cinema while still being modern. The soundtrack is probably what's the most accurate to that era and it's one of the main reasons it all works so well. But we still have buckets of glorious blood, obvious fake props, cheesy lines, so-and-so acting and everything else you need in a drive-in film. The thing about this film is that it's very, very self-aware. The bad props are bad because they wanted them to be, the lines are cheesy because that's how they need to be. It's all there, and it makes it clear from the get-go.

I mentioned "so-and-so acting"... It doesn't hurt this film in any way (seriously), I want to make that clear. And also, David Hess is great. But I've heard alot of complaints about Sasha Grey's acting and I just need to drop a comment on that. I agree, she's not the most talented actress out there, and with 150+ porno titles in her filmography, there hasn't been a reason for her to be that good. I think that her roles in "PG Porn" and "Smash Cut" are both good starts for her to take acting a bit more seriously. Both projects are trying to capture the feeling of genres that don't need good acting. Just give her a break, and wait until she has been in one or two films that NEEDS good acting before you throw too much trash at her.

Half of the fun in "Smash Cut" is the blood and kills. It's cheesy, fake and just fun as heck to watch Able Whitman kill people to get props. We have buckets upon buckets of blood. And it's actually really good looking blood. It's the body parts that are intentionally bad. This part of the film impressed me alot, as films still want to be as realistic in terms of gore as possible when they make splatter (sure, there are exceptions, but most films wouldn't dare to make alot of honestly BAD props on purpose). Kudos!

"Smash Cut" won't top any "Best films of all time" lists (I'd sure stick it on a "Best homages" list, though). But this film isn't here to be the best of anything, it's here to throw blood in your face and that's what it does. Just ignore the faults and enjoy the ride, like I did. "Smash Cut" is the white trash son you'd get after a passionate night between "Blood Feast" and "The Last House On Dead End Street", and it's proud of it.

Positive things:
- David Hess!
- Herschell Gordon Lewis!
- Michael Berryman!
- Sasha Grey! (Hey, she's still good looking)
- Except for a fun cast, it has LOTS of blood!
- A modern 60's/70's drive-in trash film.
- Fantastic fake posters here and there!
Negative things:
- Some of the comedy wasn't delivered as good as it could've been.
- No nudity. C'MON!

Gore: 3/5
Nudity: 0/5
Story: 3/5
Effects: 2/5
Comedy: 3.5/5

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