Title: The Snuff Hunter

Also known as:

Year: 2008

Genre: Horror / Erotic / Exploitation

Language: Belgian

Runtime: 60 min

Director: Lorenzo Van Canne

Writer: Lorenzo Van Canne


Three girls are trapped in an abandoned warehouse where a maniacal killer is out to find them and force them to watch the snuff films he has created. Will the girls be appalled by the grotesque images shown on the projector or will it arouse secret fetishes they did not even know that existed?

Our thoughts:
Films with the theme of “snuff” are nothing new and recently they have been coming boring and generic. When I first heard of the film 'The Snuff Hunter' I thought this would be no different, just a bunch of people walking around with camera's and filming fake deaths. Luckily I was mistaken and was quite surprised as to what I viewed.

It would be very hard to describe the story for this as it is just more of a viewing experience than a liner story. The film begins with a attractive blond girl walking in an abandoned warehouse; she sits down in a chair and beings to tease a man dressed in a black ski mask. The man begins to try and touch her and she kicks him away, this enrages him...the chase begins! Once the girl is captured she is brought to the snuff room, a red lit room with a 16mm projector in it, the projector is turned on and we see the ski masked man sexually torture a girl and ultimately “snuff her out”. The blond girl that is being forced to watch this display of depravity on the screen at first looks apprehensive but begins to open up. Since this is an XXX film, I am assuming you can guess what happens next.

After the blond girls scene is finished we go into the second act of the film, this is my favorite part of the film it is very reminiscent to 70s roughies. This time the ski-masked man is chasing two girls instead of one, when both are captured and brought into the snuff room they are forced to preform sexual acts on each other. This scene specifically reminded me a lot of the mother/daughter scene in the film 'Wet Wilderness”. Both girls are obviously very uncomfortable and it is a bit unsettling to watch.

The film is shot on digital and it does work, it has very stylized XXX scenes that will make it stand out from everyday XXX films. The sound work is also very creepy and atmospheric. Very little dialog is spoken in the film so there are no subtitles, they would have been nice but they are not much to worry over.

For the first film in the series 'The Snuff Hunter' was a great attempt. I do look forward to the sequels as well as other film efforts by Lorenzo Van Canne, as it is hard to find a director that will add XXX and horror together! I am actually a little bit scared to see his next effort if he ups the violence and gore! This film is hard to target to a specific audience, it is a bit too rough for a casual porn viewing but on the other hand it is not gory enough for the underground horror audience. But the film is defiantly worth a purchase, it is an interesting watch a pretty nice blend of terror and porn.

Positive things:
- Interesting XXX film.
- Audio fit with it well.
- Cool concept.
Negative things:
- Some gore would of helped a lot.
- Lack of English subtitles.

Gore: 2.5/5
Nudity: 5/5
Story: 0/5
Effects: 3/5
Comedy: 0/5

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Reviewed by:
Louis C. Justin (Guest reviewer)


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