Title: Some Guy Who Kills People

Also known as:
En snubbe som mördar folk (Swedish title)

Year: 2011

Genre: Comedy / Horror / Thriller / Drama

Language: English

Runtime: 98 min

Director: Jack Perez

Writer: Ryan A. Levin

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1568341/

After having came out of the looney bin, Kenny Boyd stays with his mother and has found a job that he can manage with little effort. But even though he has been declared sane, the incident that turned him crazy the first time is still popping up in his head every day. The memories of being mocked and tortured by a few guys in school can't get out of his head, and is dreaming of revenge. One by one, the people who did this to him end up dead.

Our thoughts:
I think the slasher genre is one of few that almost needed to be twisted around already from the beginning. You only needed a handful of slashers to see that, in most aspects, they're the same. Quite often that's fine and dandy, but I don't think we're in a decade that can handle the style well enough (guess that goes for the past decade as well). That's when you need slasher films that do it a bit differently, like "Red Velvet", "Behind The Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon" and even the hilarious "Freak Out". Either you spin the concept like they did, or I guess you can also dose it with gore, perversities and a bad ass janitor like with "Gutterballs". Ooooor, you add the slasher ingredients to a drama / comedy, and you get something like "Some Guy Who Kills People".

There are plenty of "revenge slashers" out there and "Some Guy Who Kills People" goes with that concept. It's about Kenny Boyd who just recently came out of a mental institution for going crazy after having been bullied and tortured by jocks back in the school days. Before he turned crazy, he apparently knocked up some girl that went on to hate him, and he hasn't seen his daughter since then. Now that his life is slowly coming back to normal with a job and semi-regular days, although he lives with his mother, his daughter finds out who her father is and decides to go visit him. This gives his post-crazy life some meaning, but is he ready to be a father? I know, I know, you want me to get to the killing! Well, the jocks who mocked him in school 11 years ago are turning up dead. OH SNAP! Who could be killing them off?!

Even though this is partially a slasher, and advertising of the film has especially been going for the slasher part of the story, I think the film it reminds me of the most is my favorite of last year, "SUPER". The similarities in the story are actually pretty few - like "SUPER", "Some Guy Who Kills People" is about a lonely loser who wants payback, and he meets a young girl at some point. In this case it's not a crazy comic nerd who will help him in his adventure, but his daughter who is just that - his daughter. So yeah, the similarities to "SUPER" aren't in the plot at all. What makes them similar is how it mashes together several different styles, moods and genres. It's mostly a comedy but there are times where it's extremely sentimental and emotionally loaded, which is something I always love - when a film switches gears. The best thing about that was that the comedy, the drama and the thriller worked. The comedy is quite silly, deadpan humour, mostly randomness in dialogue. Had me going a few times, way more than I expected to (mostly because of the actors). And the drama parts are few, but they made an impact on the overall feel of the film. Not to mention that it's an effective thriller, or at least it becomes a rather effective thriller towards the end with some unexpected turns. While the turns aren't as drastic as in "SUPER", it's still fairly reminiscent so odds are you like this if you liked that one.

As I said, the comedy really works because of the actors. That goes for the entire movie - Kevin Corrigan is fantastic as Kenny. He's amusing, but gives off a sense of confusion that just fits with his mental state. He's a likable loser that we root for, no matter what he ends up doing. There are some scenes where you seriously consider if you should care about him or not - you're more than likely going to. But the comedy is held up by Barry Bostwick, who manages to deliver his lines so flawlessly and with such subtlety that we totally buy his off/over-the-top persona. I was also happy to see Lucy Davis, mostly known from the original "The Office". She's a joy to watch, and her acting seems to honest and natural. She fits perfectly into this film.

Yeah, I really liked "Some Guy Who Kills People". But there are some things I didn't like too much, and that's something I said when I saw the film "God Bless America" as well - the ending is just too safe. Even though "Some Guy Who Kills People" takes a few turns that aren't necessarily bad, they just feel too safe. As if to please the masses. I suppose I had hoped for something darker. But all in all, the ending worked alright for an otherwise really entertaining little film. I also have to question how some places have advertised the film, as I expected a full-on slasher with some comedy. But I suppose that's also because I haven't really looked into the film before - maybe it was obvious what it really was. I'm fine though, since I enjoy comedies like this. You should check it out if you want to watch a movie that takes some Hollywood traditions and tries something slightly different with it. It's nice, sad, entertaining, and has some alright kills. Don't go into it for the kills, they're not good enough for that, but they're good enough for what this is - a comedy/drama with a dark theme.

Positive things:
- The whole acting gang!
- Had some great laughs.
- A few solid drama moments.
- Pretty detailed overall.
Negative things:
- A bit too safe.
- Didn't expect it to mostly be a comedy.

Gore: 2/5
Nudity: 0/5
Story: 3/5
Effects: 3/5
Comedy: 3/5

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