Title: Squeeze Play

Also known as:

Year: 1979

Genre: Independent / Comedy

Language: English

Runtime: 96 min

Director: Lloyd Kaufman

Writer: Charles Kaufman & Haim Pekelis

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0081552/

The female friends and girlfriends' of a male softball team decides they should beat the guys in a game, both to show that girls can play and to bring down their jockish ways a little bit.

Our thoughts:
Before Troma punched through the independent film industry with "The Toxic Avenger" in the early/mid 80's, and a bit after they did some quick ventures into more adult-oriented films, there was a handful of raunchy comedies made. Troma has released these four early sex comedies in the set titled "The Sexy Box", and I couldn't be more excited to be checking these out. Troma presents here a few styles that would later become not only trademark for them, but Hollywood too started making sex comedies a few years later with films like "Porky's" that weren't too far off from this. If there was a direct influence from what Troma did or not, I don't know, but it does prove that they were breaking ground already from the beginning.

"Squeeze Play" mixes low-brow comedy, sports and very light erotica and together it becomes an easy-going and sweet movie. A male softball team focus more on the sport than they focus on their girlfriends, but never try to miss a chance to get dirty in bed. And they never do, unless there's softball going on. This attitude is one of the kickstarters for the rebellious spirit of the local girls when they decide to create their own softball team and challenge the guys. The rest of the movie jumps between the sexual adventures of these young adults and the preparation leading up to the climactic softball game.

Doesn't that sound exciting? Well, it sort of is. I guess. The game in the end is a tad bit long and has a very dull end, but it's also kinda sweet. Like the rest of the movie is, beyond all of the jokes of cumming, boobies and sex. A lot of the crudest stuff was cut out so that they would get an R rating, and this practically is the start of Lloyd Kaufman's hate for the MPAA. Nowadays he doesn't care since he releases everything himself, but back then it was different. "Squeeze Play" was made to have a theatrical release, so they had to obey the evil forces. And in the end this was, at the time, a success for them, even though no one knew where to categorize it. It was originally going to be a lot more erotic, with much more nudity and sex, but when one of the actresses who had a major role decided (two days before shooting) that she wouldn't do nudity, a lot of the cast jumped on her wagon. So producers were going for sex, Troma was going for sex and comedy, the actresses clearly decided for comedy, and well... the theatres/distributors had no idea if it was an adult film or a comedy, so it played a little here and there! Often to confusion, of course. But it managed to become a success for these independent filmmakers, and the rest of history.

You actually can't tell that there was ever a problem in production when watching the movie. The amount of sex is decent for what we nowadays have as a standard (although slightly more raunchy, I suppose). The comedy is charming in ways only the 70/80's could make them. The production is obviously flawed but impressive considering what it is, what it cost, and what they had made prior to it. I think it's important not to judge this movie too hard since it still is a 70's independent sex comedy that had nearly 20 actor spots to fill (not counting all of the extras). Doing that on a minimal budget alone is fantastic. And that it actually is an alright watch makes it even more exciting and inspirational.

So what if the jokes aren't always delivered perfectly? If you have a history with Troma you will get the jokes even if they are missfired. You might not laugh out loud, but "Squeeze Play" can entertain the majority of simpletons. Plenty of pretty girls (with both large and small breasts), awkward and perverted jocks, an actually well-shot sports game (but that goes on for a bit too long), at the very least okay acting, and a very important part of Troma history. Highly recommended if you can lower your standards and not expect greatness. Let "Squeeze Play" do what it does best: be sweet, act silly in an attempt to amuse and occasionally arouse.

Positive things:
- A fun film, especially for fans of Troma.
- Better made than I had expected.
- Has a few nice looking gals.
- Sex and comedy, woo! Never hilarious, but at least it's amusing.
Negative things:
- The end game goes on for a bit too long and doesn't seem all that important anyway.
- A lot of crude jokes were cut out, and lots of juicy sex was never shot (because of the actors).

Gore: 0/5
Nudity: 2/5
Story: 2/5
Effects: 2/5
Comedy: 2/5

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