Title: SS Girls

Also known as:
Private House of the SS (Alternative title)
Casa privata per le SS (Original title)

Year: 1977

Genre: Nazisploitation / Drama

Language: Italian

Runtime: 95 min

Director: Bruno Mattei

Writer: Bruno Mattei & Giacinto Bonacquisti

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0083017/

The year is 1945, and WWII is nearing its end. When there's talk of treason against Hitler, one man starts training whores to be able to spy on other officers for him. When he eventually finds out who is betraying their Führer he plans to have them killed.

Our thoughts:
"SS Girls" is often mentioned as Bruno Mattei's directorial debut but I'm not sure if it's true or not. Going by IMDb.com it says he made a drama called "Armida, il dramma di una sposa" 7 years prior to this. I doubt that movie is made in typical Mattei manner though, so I will continue calling this his first. As with many of his following titles what "SS Girls" lacks the most is originality. You've basicly seen the same story in a better movie by Tinto Brass. I'm of course talking about "Salon Kitty"! There are some differences but there's no doubt that's where the story came from. I couldn't tell you if there's any more similarities other than the story since I haven't watched "Salon Kitty" since 2003 or so. I plan to revisit it soon - bought it on DVD a few years back so I really should!

Mattei's early Nazisploitation is about whores that have been trained to spy on SS officers. And that's basicly it. At least for the majority of the film, towards the end there's a lot more drama going on between the officers and the fact that the movie ends after the death of Adolf Hitler, which obviously will stir things up. The training of the whores is spoof-like with its silliness. It's basicly a training montage that shows sex with obese men, disfigured men and... a dog, but it also shows them doing exercises out in the yard. Quite a silly part of the movie and it makes it hard to take it seriously. Should you take a Nazisploitation movie serious? Yes and no. I think many of them were made as serious attempts, while some were made just for the exploitation. It's hard to tell with this one, I think it has a pretty solid ending that contains a mass-suicide party. As I said, the ending leans more towards drama and hadn't it been for that I think I would've thought less of the movie. Before the ending it pretty much only contains one thing, which I think Preston summarized best when I told him which movie I was about to watch. "Nazi bewbs". It's not far from it - the majority of the film is sex.

For the WWII movie fans: there was a point in the movie where you saw some action, but it's brief and this isn't a movie you should check out if you want a war movie. But it's there if that will help you decide. Some bombs here and there, followed by tanks. It's decent for the kind of movie it is, but brief.

I'd be crazy if I said this is a heart-felt movie, even though the end could've been one in a different movie. The movie is cheap, crude, perverted and fairly entertaining, just as you would expect from Bruno Mattei's. I was pleasantly surprised but to be honest, hadn't it been for the decent ending I would've thought it was pretty meh. If you like Bruno Mattei, the 70's exploitation films, Nazisploitation and cheesy for-the-shock-value-ish perverted sex then this movie will deliver. It's not good, but entertainment it does bring, even if much of it comes from its cheesy, spoof-like feel. What else can you say about this, really?

Positive things:
- Ending was pretty good in comparision to the rest.
- Lots of dirty sex!
- Bruno Mattei, if that's your cup of tea.
- Entertaining, if anything.
Negative things:
- "Salon Kitty" rip-off. You decide if that's bad.
- If Bruno Mattei and other cheesy Nazisploitation films aren't for you then skip this one.

Gore: 0.5/5
Nudity: 4/5
Story: 2/5
Effects: 1/5
Comedy: 2/5

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