Title: Stethoscope

Also known as:

Year: 2006

Genre: Erotic / Gore / Short

Language: N/A

Runtime: 16 min

Director: Kenneth Thomas

Writer: Kenneth Thomas


Zombie sex and rituals attracts a group of viewers who one by one gets pulled in and becomes one of them. All except one who stays human and feels the horrible suffering.

Our thoughts:
I watched this a while back, but for some reason I couldn't remember anything about it. Might have something to do with me being drunk, but still. I kept on confusing the film with plenty of others and therefor thinking it was a terrible film (the ones I confused it with were). Well, it was time to revisit the film after I saw a snippet of it that proved that it wasn't the film I remembered. In fact, it was very far from it.

There isn't much of a plot, except that zombies, or demons, or whatever you wanna call them, have bloody and messy sex. The spectators can't control themselves so they get pulled into the madness. It all ends up becoming a big orgy of graphic sex, blood and flesh munching. The last guy to get into it however never becomes a zombie, so he has to live the pain that they endure on him with their long nails, huge teeth, and spikey demonic strap-on. Very interesting, isn't it? Well, it actually was. Perhaps it was because I was relieved that it wasn't the shitfest I confused it with, or maybe it's just me being a fan of bizarre erotica. Perhaps a little of both.

The film is rather artistic in the way it's filmed and such. It has an extremely gritty look, and everything is slowed down. The soundtrack consists of moaning, piano and industrial noises. It all adds to the film becoming more that your usual horror pornography.

Like I said, the film is very graphic in terms of the porn, we get to see a bunch of nudity, both male and female. The girls are good looking, and the men are..well, men, so I'll let a girl or homosexual man be the judge of that instead. There is some gore, like the nipple biting, but mostly it's just blood. This is one of those films where the blood looks sort of gory and cool just because the film is as gritty as it is. Do you know what I mean? Probably not. But I always tend to think blood looks much better when a film has a worse quality than your modern stuff. The zombie make-up is decent I guess. They have teeth, nails, and some black around their faces. The room with the orgy is rather dark, so that makes everything look a bit better than it probably would have it was bright.

Short films tend to get shorter reviews. For some reason I feel bad nowadays when I do a shorter review, but who cares really? So, to end this review, I'll say that the film is certainly not for everyone. Some people don't seem to appreciate artistic and violent pornography. The film isn't very good, but it's definitely strange enough to deserve attention, and I guess I liked it for other reasons than for a solid script and such.

Positive things:
- Short. Works perfectly that way.
- I liked the special effects.

Negative things:
- Could've been a little more violent than it was.

Gore: 2/5
Nudity: 4/5
Story: 0.5/5
Effects: 2.5/5
Comedy: 0/5

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