Title: Storm

Also known as:

Year: 2005

Genre: Thriller / Sci-Fi / Comedy

Language: Swedish

Runtime: 110 min

Director: Måns Mårlind & Björn Stein

Writer: Måns Mårlind

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0446476/

DD is living his arrogant life in peace until a woman shows up and makes it all a mess. Soon he has to keep a box hidden from a man in a suit, and is getting framed for murder. After this the line between past, present and complete fantasy is getting really thin and DD has to figure out what the hell is going on.

Our thoughts:
I just couldn't pass up reviewing this one. A friend of mine handed it over to me and told me it had a bong-rape in it and that it was Swedish. Of course I had to watch it then, how could I not? Turns out, this isn't at all what I had expected from his vague comment. It's completely insane in every possible way. I don't even know what to think about it. Does anything make sense? Is it suppose to be funny? Scary? Intense? I don't know! If you don't know what I thought of the movie after you read this interview, it might very well be that I am still trying to figure out if I like it.

It opens up with a girl, Lova, being chased by a group of people. She is holding a box in her hand. The it switches to Donny, or DD as they call him, waking up in his bed and we follow his day for a bit. He's an average man who might or might not think too highly of himself and less of others. He's arrogant and is doing things the way he wants to. One night in a traffic jam he is stuck in a cab when all of the sudden Lova comes running down the street with the men after her. She enters the cab and tell the driver to put the pedal to the medal. But just as quick she leaves the cab and is leaving DD very, very confused. Later that night she knocks on his door and tells him she knows everything about him, and hands him a box. Nothing can happen to this box. And, of course, later the men arrive at his place and turn it upside down. This is when he starts investigating what is going on, and is soon standing face to face to a woman who just got shot in the neck, and he's the suspect.

I can't explain much further than this, and yet this is barely the beginning. This far you still believe the movie is a modern thriller. You have no idea that it will soon mix elements of "Matrix", surrealism, sci-fi, horror, drama, comedy, comic books, bong-rape and fuck who knows. I can't say that it's a good movie. It has so many plot holes and so much is left unexplained. But it's just so messed up. I was laughing out loud at the absurdity at times, and other times at how ridiculous things were. Other times I found myself almost moved and repulsed. It just throws so much into the whole thing that nothing makes sense. It's not confusing, it's very easy to follow what is going on, but it's just so over-the-top at times. At one point in the movie he is looking for the factory that looks like a deer. And not to mention the rape with the bong where the girl is told to "look at the pink poodle". WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME, MOVIE?! I absolutely love to hate this film. Or hate to love it? Or hate/love it? I something this movie. Okay, I can't dislike a movie that does something like this, it's done with a dose of comedy and a certain unique style that makes it entertaining, even at times when it's absolutely ridiculous.

Oh did I mention this is a Swedish movie? Yes, that's maybe the most absurd thing. In our little country where nothing is more interesting than "Midsomer Murders" (you might remember another exception, "Apan", though) comes a completely bizarre sci-fi mess that seems like it has injected itself with a heavy dose of Hollywood. I can't tell if this movie is mocking the Hollywood film industry, of if it's trying to fit in. It's often fast-paced and shares a style with many Hollywood hits, but this one goes a bit further so that it almost becomes a parody of sorts. I don't care if that's intentional or not, it made the film what it is. But comparing it to Hollywood isn't just a bad thing, "Storm" feels like it has a bigger budget than most Swedish movies and is overall pretty damn well-made.

The acting is hard to judge for me. The acting isn't bad, but the Swedish sometimes feels so out of place, maybe it's because the story is so absurd that hearing Swedes in it takes me out of the movie. The Swedish is a contributing factor to the comedy though, and some lines are just brilliant because of how they are performed (again, doesn't matter if it's intentional or not).

But honestly, I just can't shake off the feeling that they did try to make some things a bit silly. It doesn't make the movie any worse. I think I would've disliked it more if it was strict and standard. The mixing is what makes this a ride worth taking. None of the parts of the ride are very original, but it's the mix of them that is so lovable. The comic book bits of the story made it make slightly more sense. If you think of it as a comic book-inspired film I guess anything goes, even if it sometimes seems like they had 5-6 different movie ideas and made one out of it. "Storm" is a fun. That's the best way to describe it. "Storm" is sleeping on line somewhere between "Matrix" and bong-rape.

Positive things:
- A very absurd Swedish film that is either praising or mocking Hollywood.
- Fun from start to end! Never boring.
- When the acting is bad, it becomes humorous rather than a drag.
- Apparently the first use of the Wilhelm scream in a Swedish feature.
Negative things:
- Plenty of plot holes and much is left unexplained and random.
- I have no idea what the directors wanted to achieve by making it.

Gore: 2/5
Nudity: 0.5/5
Story: 3/5
Effects: 3/5
Comedy: 3/5

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