Title: Strip Mahjong: Battle Royale

Also known as:

Year: 2012

Genre: Sexploitation / Erotica / Comedy

Language: Japanese

Runtime: 77 min

Director: Mark P. Forever

Writer: Ryosuke Oomine

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2367954/

A select group of women are abducted and taken to an unknown location where they are forced to play a perverse game of mahjong where the losers are forced to strip. To raise the stakes, and to make sure the unwilling participants actually play, the women are strapped with deadly collars that will kill them if they break the rules. Clothes will be lost and secrets will be revealed in this deadly game of strategy and eroticism.

Our thoughts:
"Strip Mahjong: Battle Royale"…Does anything else need to be said? Nope.

Okay then. Well, I guess I will see you later.

Take care.



…You're still here? This is awkward. I guess, since you're still here, I will talk about Danger After Dark's latest release, "Strip Mahjong: Battle Royale". Most people who've received a copy of this movie and have respect for cinema, as well as themselves, scoffed at such a thing. Not me. No way! I have nothing but love for unmitigated, unapologetic trash such as "Strip Mahjong: Battle Royale". Even if the movie is awful and total disaster. I mean c'mon, it's called "Strip Mahjong"; somebody actually decided that a movie about girls being forced to play mahjong, and having to strip when they lost a match was worth making. Genius, pervert or both?

"Strip Mahjong: Battle Royale" walks a fine line between spoof and fetish movie. Well, it doesn't really "walk a fine line" since it weighs heavily on the fetish side but the movie and the makers realize how silly the concept is. There is a heavy amount of comedy to the movie; either between the ridiculous and creepy ways they get the clothes off the wimmin, to the Vaudeville slapstick gags. Sometimes it fails. Other times, because the whole movie is so ludicrous, it kind of works and can get some chuckles out of a viewer. Then again I am perpetually 10 years-old and "Strip Mahjong: Battle Royale" simply tickled my immature side.

It would be so easy to hate "Strip Mahjong: Battle Royale"; it's almost as if the movie wants you to just by the title alone. And respectfully, I should, but I didn't. It's not because I found it tantalizing or erotic -- actually, I found the whole thing to be grossly un-erotic because how goofy it is and due to the general shame I felt for watching the movie and not immediately disliking it. I didn't hate it because the movie is so incredibly absurd that I found myself watching it in wonderment while thinking, "Somebody actually made this?"

However, not every moment in the movie is either cheap nudity or comedic stupidity. "Strip Mahjong" does play it straight from time to time and interjects moments where someone could believe they are watching a legitimate movie. Obviously that's not the case with "Strip Mahjong" and it serves more as a parody of films like "Battle Royale"; character's making declarations with their last breath, survivors playing for the honor of one of the fallen participants and plans to take down the people responsible for this scenario. Those typical moments you usually get in movies where characters are forced to participate in something against their will. Because the movie plays these moments straight, it makes the whole thing a bit more bizarre which, in turn, makes it a little more amusing than it should be.

I'm not looking to make excuses for "Strip Mahjong" or trying to justify it but let's face it, this is pretty far from being the most perverted film to come out of Japan (not counting their hardcore porn). As a matter of fact, "Strip Mahjong: Battle Royale" is about on par with the country's other oddball skin flicks. Like the one Ronny reviewed recently, "Nympho Diver: G-String Mania" or some of the other ones we've covered such as "S&M Hunter", "High School Ghosthustlers" and "Big Boobs Buster". So again, "Strip Mahjong: Battle Royale" is an easy movie to dislike and one people will choose not to watch because of it's title and what the movie is. Respectfully, that's probably a wise decision. I didn't think I was going to like it either but once I realized the movie wasn't taking itself seriously and was ribbing a variety of subjects (which even includes people who like these types of movies), I was able to find some enjoyment in the idiocy of the whole thing.

Positive things:
- It doesn't take itself seriously at any point.
- The whole movie is silly, ludicrous and absurd.

Negative things:
- It's a movie about women having to strip when they lose a round of mahjong...
- The woman on the cover with the largest breasts actually has the smallest breasts in the movie. Damn you, Photoshop! Damn you to hell!

Gore: 0/5
Nudity: 3/5
Story: 1.5/5
Effects: 0/5
Comedy: 2/5

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Danger After Dark

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