Title: Suicide

Also known as:

Year: 2001

Genre: Horror / Drama

Language: German

Runtime: 84 min

Director: Raoul W. Heimrich, Yvonne Wunschel

Writer: Yvonne Wunschel

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0411396/

A young couple setup a site and offers an opportunity to those who are looking to commit suicide a chance of fame and to live on through the internet, as long as they allow them to film their deaths.

Our Thoughts:
What is there to say about Troma's most dark and depressing distributed title "Suicide"? Not a documentary and not exactly a movie, "Suicide" follows two people as they exploit the tragedy of people committing suicide by offering them internet fame. The movie isn't really a commentary piece or does it serve to discuss the issue and it also doesn't have a traditional storyline.

"Suicide" is closer to mondo documentaries and the real death footage compilations like "Faces of Death" or "Traces of Death". It's a series of what looks like internet based footage of different people committing suicide in different ways with no connection between the segments other than the occasional shots of the couple filming these events. Almost a 'greatest hits' of suicide the movie goes through them all: jumping, gunshot, slit-wrists, OD-ing, ritualistic, pills, injecting air, drowning, etc. The one thing that sticks out when you watch these scenes are that movie in no way glamorizes suicide. A number of the segments people back out, beg for assistance from the camera-man, and a few who suddenly decide they don't want to die and scream out for help. A sobering reminder for those who may think that with something like slashing your wrists is an easy way out, but is in fact an actual painful experience as you slowly bleed out.

With the movie bouncing from scene to scene of a person killing themselves, no doubt people will just pass this off as nothing but shock cinema. Or perhaps is trying to garner attention but didn't have the budget to make a "real movie." As I said though, the movie doesn't glamorize the act of suicide nor is the movie very graphic. Actually it is not graphic or gratuitous at all; you don't even get to see the scene of the person shooting themselves other than a very brief aftermath shot. Clearly a sign of the movie's low budget limitation but also shows that it really wasn't going for shock. Plus, while not exactly a typical narration, as the movie progresses you see how filming the final moments of these people takes its toll on the would-be filmmakers. While they see nothing wrong with what they are doing and are quite happy with filming these people killing themselves, you watch them deteriorate and become increasingly depressed as they continue on. This depression and desire for the best footage leads them to cross lines and go above and beyond what they set out to do.

"Suicide" is indeed one of if not the darkest movie that Troma has distributed that isn't muddled with comedy or camp. Many folks who've seen it call the movie bleak and depressing, and while not a stretch, it is also not quite as effective as it could have been, at least not for me. There isn't anything wrong with the movie that would make me fault it for not sticking with me, but after it was over, it was just another movie to me. For what it is, it is well crafted. You could even go so far as to consider it a commentary piece on the whole '.com' era. "Suicide" would be an excellent companion piece to Toe Tag Picture's "Murder Collection" and for what it sets out to do, it accomplishes quite well.

Positive things:
- Doesn't glamorize suicide.
- Some effective scenes.
- Doesn't exploit the subject. It showed the fear, pain, and regret that can come with those who chose or try to take their own lives.
Negative things:
- White subtitles.

Gore: 0/5
Nudity: 0.5/5
Story: 3/5
Effects: 1/5
Comedy: 0/5

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