Title: Suostuttelijat

Also known as:
The Persuaders

Year: 2002

Genre: Comedy / Gore

Language: Finnish

Runtime: 11 min

Director: Mikko Pohjola, Tapio Taipalus

Writer: Mikko Pohjola, Wille Pohjola, Jussi Väisänen, Tapio Taipalus


Who wants to work a boring, regular-old job, when you can creat your own home business. That's what a group of men decide to do, and their job will be going around persuading people, by any means necessary. When the police show up, after one of these, "persuaders" ends up dead, along with the client. They start to realize this may not be the only time where, someone ends up dead in the end.

Our thoughts:
By luck, I randomly chose "Suostuttelijat" as the first movie to watch from the splat-filmmaking group, Team Splattenstein. By going from the information given on Splattensteins' web site, this is considered to be their most, "professional work" that they have produced. I haven't seen their other movies yet, but I will admit this is a very sharp, well produced, dark-comedy with some fine moments of gore.

The movie really is the voice for everyone who has had to work a job, where they had to deal with customers and really just wanted to kill them instead of helping them. I don't care what anybody says, we've all had a job at least once in our lives were we felt like that. Anyways, for these young hillbilly entrepreneurs, they don't really seem to think that there is anything wrong with killing their customers who don't want to cooperate. Let's be fair though, if you have a drunk hick kill one of your co-workers by shooting him, or have another, beat the bloody shit out of you with a tennis racket. You're probably going to do something about it, afterall this isn't Burger King, they don't get it their way.

Obviously Team Splattenstein isn't afraid of getting to the gore quickly, since it only takes a couple of minutes before the "Persuaders" are taking out one of their customers with a hail of gun fire, and we the audience, get splashed with a good amount of blood. The sequence does contain some shots of a head becoming riddled with bullets, which does look...cheesy. Wait! Don't leave yet! I promise you if you leave now, you will miss out on two very impressive and, gory death scenes that could easily rival the early works of FX groups like KNB or someone like Savini. A bold statement I know, but considering these movies are made by a group of people who are doing it for fun and in general is a labor of love, these scenes are impressive.

As far as the acting and story go...The story is a simple one but as I said, it is a well executed one and really is a manifestation of the thoughts of anybody who has worked a shitty job and had to deal with customers. Team Splattenstein makes fun of the acting on their web site, but in reality it is actually pretty good for this type of project. The people who are playing as the Persuaders themselves, do a decent job of portraying country bumpkins who really aren't that smart. At times it can be humorous, not exactly laugh out loud material, but enough to amuse and entertain.

On a side note, after "Suostuttelijat," I watched their follow up movie, "Haava." Because it has such a short running time I really can't give it, its own individual review and quite frankly if I did it would ruin the movie. "Haava" is actually a very neat little short film, in that it plays out like a really well told joke. Then what happens in the movie itself is also quite funny, including scenes of a man who starts chopping away at his friend with an axe because, he doesn't want him to get near him and get blood on him.Both movies were really fun to watch and I'm actually looking forward to checking out the rest of Team Splattensteins' filmography.

Positive things:
- Great special effects.
- Excellent direction and execution, with a good story.
Negative things:
- Some scenes where the special effects aren't up to par with other scenes.

Gore: 2.5/5
Nudity: 0/5
Story: 3/5
Effects: 3/5
Comedy: 3/5

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