Title: Super Task Force One

Also known as:

Year: 2013

Genre: Independent / Action / Adventure / Sci-fi / Comedy

Language: English

Runtime: 69 min

Director: Steve Rudzinski

Writer: Steve Rudzinski

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3145314/

Many years after the fall of the Super Task Force Six caused by the evil Emperor Zagel, one man is given the chance to strike back. Emperor Zagel has now created a super weapon which uses the powers from the armors of the Super Task Force Six, minus the green armor which was stolen. When the green armor is handed over by the previous Green Enforcer to Jason, Jason takes charge and prepares for the battle of his life.

Our thoughts:
Filmmaker Steve Rudzinski set out to create an independent feature in the vein of the Japanese tokusatu TV shows and movies such "Ultraman" and "Super Sentai", and just as much "Power Rangers" and the live-action version of "Guyver". It's a humble idea, as many of us grew up on this and it's rare for us to get to travel back to that time, without actually just sitting down to watch "Power Rangers" (which wouldn't be a bad thing, nostalgia is fun!). For some the tokusatu genre doesn't mean squat, and I mostly did watch "Power Rangers" as a kid, but having also grown up with a lot of anime and with a brother who had a serious interest in it, there was no chance to get away from certain other Japanese oddities such as the tokusatu genre (I just didn't have a word for the genre back then).

The Super Task Force Six was a group of Enforcers, all dressed in different colored armors, that were fighting the real evils of the world - most notably the evil Emperor Zagel. When the Task Force was finally defeated by Zagel, he collected their armors and prepared to make a super weapon out of them. 15 years after the fact, the former Green Enforcer takes back the armor and hands it over to the unexpecting Jason. Jason takes on the challenge and accepts that he is the only one with the power to destroy Zagel - but it won't be so easy when Zagel has the power of all the other 5 Enforcers.

Yes, I'll admit that "Super Task Force One" isn't a particularly good movie in my opinion. It's passionate about its genre, and it features a ton of necessary parts to fit into the genre, that I can give it. Steve Rudzinski knew what was needed and he delivered it, except it's a very rough and cheesy independent product. That doesn't mean it is without entertainment values - it's very comedy heavy, there are both intentionally and unintentionally cheesy moments to laugh at. And to an extent, it did bring back the feeling of being a kid and watching those shows and movies, which is the ultimate compliment in a sense. It just wasn't a good movie in the traditional sense, I have seen far too many cheesefests to appreciate what this has to offer any more, so the thing I most appreciate here is mostly that Rudzinski went out and made the movie. Hopefully more will follow.

If you go into this expecting effects like "Pacific Rim", then you are a moron and deserve a slap in the face. By a brick. The effects here are kinda representing the genre to an extent, as they are gleefully cheesy, but it's obvious that it's also what could be made with the budget. You will be stunned at the CGI robots towards the end, they're amazingly poor but somehow by that time you don't mind. You've come to expect much less even, as there are a number of things worse in the movie than the silly CGI.

Whatever you end up thinking of "Super Task Force One", you can't deny that it's a pure passion project filled with as much heart as any other independent film out there, and maybe it can spawn more indie filmmakers to embrace certain "lost" genres such as the tokusatu genre. The movie itself can absolutely entertain you with its cheesy effects, performances and comedy lines, but it's simply not for me. I was entertained (and a bit amazed) by movies of this level back in the early 2000's when watching stuff like "Cheerleader Ninjas", so maybe to someone newer to the indie world this will be a perfectly odd and fun experience. I'd also hope that the pure tokusatu fans will be cheering it on, because that much it deserves.

Positive things:
- Pure of heart, a project made from the love of the genre.
- Has some entertaining moments. Such as when they are in their big robots, and the reflections on their helmets show a living room. That's just funny, intentional or not.
- May give some filmmakers a kick in the butt to go out and do something they are passionate about.
- Having it just around an hour made it easier to get through.
Negative things:
- Not a good or very captivating movie.
- The effects, obviously.
- The costumes, minus the Green Enforcer - he was actually not too bad.

Gore: 0/5
Nudity: 0/5
Story: 1.5/5
Effects: 1/5
Comedy: 3/5

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