Title: TapeWorm

Also known as:

Year: 2009

Genre: Experimental / Gore / Sleaze

Language: English

Runtime: 115 min

Director: Brian Hirschbine

Writer: Brian Hirschbine

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1458624/

When you puke blood in your sleep, you know there's something wrong with you. Frank knows this. He wakes up one day by the phone ringing and ringing, and on the other line is his friend Sylvia. He later happens to find Sylvia dead and begins to investigate the murder of his associate, but the problem is that he realizes that Sylvia's killer is after him too. After being attacked and injected by a virus, Frank slowly transforms into something else.

Our thoughts:
I've been interested in "TapeWorm" for quite a while. It's made by Abortion Bin Productions who also have made some infamous mixtapes available online. But "TapeWorm" was something, along with the director's other films, that appeals alot more to me than a mixtape ever did. Time went by and I eventually got in contact with Brian Hirschbine and he sent me copies to review of two films. The first one to pop in the DVD player was of course "TapeWorm".

You understand the basics of the story pretty early on, but the movie is a complete mindfuck after that. Not that it's impossible to follow, it just gets really bizarre. It's about a guy named Frank who has found his associate, Sylvia, dead on the ground with tape in her wounds. He begins to look into this murder and the deeper he gets into it, the more dangerous his life becomes. Frank is attacked in a back alley and gets injected by.. something. Something that messes up his mind as well as his body. A virus, if you will.

Sadly, the movie never really interested me early on, which made the following 100 or so minutes somewhat of a drag. It's hard to say exactly what about this movie I couldn't get into as it should be exactly what I usually would enjoy. It's gory, perverse, surreal and independent. But the story was too uninteresting to me, and the gore is quite cheesy. Not to mention the runtime is close to 2 hours, and that's a bit too long for a movie that I think should've been told in maybe 40 minutes. But I did enjoy the gore, as cheesy as it was. This made the movie alot more entertaining, as they obviously put alot of thought into the gore scenes and some of them are actually really good. Aside from this and the fact that they seem to have balls enough to have some truely perverse things in the film, I wouldn't recommend looking into the movie.

I said the gore was cheesy, and it is, but atleast there's plenty of it, and mixing it with boobies and whatnot, how can it be a total waste? As a gore film, and I mean if you literally only watch it for the gore factor, you will probably be satisfied. It actually has some fantastic ideas as far as gore and effects go, and not even the cheesiness could ruin them from being awesome. I especially enjoyed what Frank transformed into towards the end, it reminded me at parts of a mix of "Tetsuo" and "I Never Left The White Room". But I don't think it's a very good movie, no matter how fun or cool some of the cheesy effects were, and the long runtime really did it's part to bring it down too. Not to mention the (to me) uninteresting plot that makes it a real hassle to get through without having your head thinking about other things while you have a blank stare at the screen.

I still think there is potential here. Brian Hirschbine has made a very original and messed up experimental gore/sleaze film, and if he continues working harder and harder on films and effects, I don't doubt at all that he will achieve some exciting things in the subgenres he presented in "TapeWorm". I will be checking "Black Ice" with a completely open mind and hope for the best.

Positive things:
- Gore! Lots of it, and often fairly fun ideas.
- Nudity!
- Brian Hirschbine has potential to make great things, he's just not there yet.

- Originality.
Negative things:
- I was bored just within the first 30 minutes, and that's never a good sign.
- The gore is very cheesy.

Gore: 4/5
Nudity: 3/5
Story: 2/5
Effects: 2/5
Comedy: 1/5

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