Title: Ten Monologues From the Lives of the Serial Killers

Also known as:

Year: 1994

Genre: Experimental / Documentary

Language: English

Runtime: 60 min

Director: Aryan Kaganof

Writer: Aryan Kaganof, J.G. Ballard, Charles Manson & more

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0111393/

We are presented to ten monologues from serial killers. Each and every one of them done in an experimental fashion with a performance or action attached to it.

Our thoughts:
With "Dead Man II: Return Of The Dead Man" and "Tokyo Elegy" I found out what a peculiar filmmaker Aryan Kaganof is. But it wasn't until "Ten Monologues From the Lives of the Serial Killers" that I began to truly respect what he is doing. This one differs from the other two, even though you will recognize the rawness, the graphic nature and the dark themes. But what makes this one so different is that it's more a documentation than a film. It's fictive in a lot of ways but it literally is about ten monologues from the lives of the serial killers.

Serial killers, some of the famous ones in particular, are very interesting to listen to. Their ramblings might not always make sense but when you know what they have done you take it to heart. Whenever I hear someone like Charles Manson talk I can't stop listening. His crazy gestures, his stories, it's all very interesting. We're drawn to these people because they're the scum of the earth, they are the last people we want to become, have around us, or have around our loved ones. The things they do are going against everything we've been taught growing up.

What Aryan Kaganof does with his "Ten Monologues From the Lives of the Serial Killers" is, he brings those people up to the surface. The film features some actual monologues from serial killers, monologues based on those from serial killers, songs about killers and a few fictive but equally striking monologues. That's what makes this one so interesting - you can't seperate the fictive monologues from the real ones. And they're all equally harrowing, and are all bound to give you a funny feeling inside. I think my favorite was one of the early ones where instead of long philosophical ramblings it seemed more biographical. Actually, I suppose it was too, as it was the voice of Edmund Emil Kemper.

What accompanies these monologues is just as important. Sometimes just a person being filmed while talking, old family footage, at other times just a red screen. Going by the visuals alone, my favorite is the monologue called "That cunt", which simply has a person tied to a chair. All the scenes have a gritty basement-ish look to them and it just helps the monologues come out for you.

I honestly don't know how to give this a proper review. I'm fascinated by it, but you have the entire story in the title of the film. You'll know from the title if it's a movie you'd want to watch. I will say that I think Aryan Kaganof did something great and definitely different. I'm sure most people here are, in some way, fascinated by serial killers. The why's, the how's, their personalities, their background. There's just too much to look into. But "Ten Monologues From the Lives of the Serial Killers" isn't a documentary about them specifically, but about serial killers overall I think. And it made for a damn good 60 minutes.

Positive things:
- Very fascinating.
- Aryan Kaganof managed to mix real voices of serial killers and actors flawlessly.
- Simple but striking scene set-ups.
Negative things:
- It's not up to me to find anything negative in this. I really think it is what it is, and there's nothing in particular that is negative about it.

Gore: 0.5/5
Nudity: 3/5
Story: 2/5
Effects: 1/5
Comedy: 0/5

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