Title: Terror Overload

Also known as:
Terror Overload: Tales From Satan's Truck Stop

Year: 2009

Genre: Horror / Comedy / Anthology

Language: English

Runtime: 108 min

Director: Brant Johnson, Kevin Myhre, Jason Stephenson

Writer: Joe Knetter, Dustin LaValley, Robbie Ribspreader

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1277402/

On a lonely stretch of road, a beautiful young woman is picked up by a creepy truck driver that happened to be passing by. To help pass the time the truck driver decides to tell her a set of three disturbing stories that he's heard from his days on the road. The first one being about a dinner date with a cannibal, the second one is about a man trying to find a good time at a bar, and finally one about a terrifying monster and its redneck victims.

Our Thoughts:
"Terror Overload" is my first foray into the world of NFTS Productions and to be frank, I'm at a loss for words. Now I knew I probably wasn't going to be getting something that boasted high quality productions values like some of the other titles released by R-Squared Films, as NFTS is a micro-budget underground horror company. Regardless, the concept of an anthology based horror movie that has the different segments being made by different directors sounded very promising. As I said though, after I had finally watched it I was at a loss for words trying to comprehend what I had just seen.

The movie is about a young blonde woman being picked up by a truck driver and to help pass the time the truck driver tells the young woman different stories he's heard from being on the road. The first story is "Dinner Date"; a very quick little tale about a woman who has dinner at her date's house and becomes his next meal. The second story is "Lot Lizard" which is about a trucker hitting a bar that is known to be the go-to place for a good time. Of course everything seems to fit this description until the trucker finds himself as the star of a snuff film. The final story is "Mongo Chupa", the creature-feature of the stories that's about a Chupacabra-esque monster killing an incestuous redneck family somewhere in the backwoods. Naturally, the movie wraps itself up by having the truck driver telling the story and his recently picked up blonde companion being the final story.

The concept of the truck driver telling his passenger horror stories is fun and was probably the most well made part of "Terror Overload" but the overall movie was truly awful. Now the movie is the product of a micro-budget project so I won't even go into the technical aspects of movie other than the sound. The sound was the worst thing about this movie for me as I believe they used the built-in microphone on the camera, so the dialogue is hard to hear through out, lots of echoing, background noise, etc. What I find to be the most confusing and frustrating part of "Terror Overload" is that I couldn't figure out if the movie was suppose to be serious or not. Yes, with a story like "Mongo Chupa" that involves a really shitty puppet (hell that thing doesn't even qualify as a puppet) attack random members of a redneck family while they have sex with one another; is clearly going for comedy. But other than that "Terror Overload" is such a stupid movie and often times is so unbelievably cheap that I couldn't tell if this was infact a serious effort but bad as a result of its budget constraints. Or that they were indeed going all out for the stupid factor and were trying to make a ridiculous and cheesy underground movie for people to laugh at.

The story of our truck driving host, the cannibal dinner date, and snuff stars - at face value are a little more serious than the cock-eating monster but still have a sardonic tone to them. You can find this undertone in different parts: the acting, the gore gags (which often look cheap), the excessive nudity, or the little twists to the stories. All of it makes it seem like they were purposely going for the stupid-yet-funny angle while also being entertaining by throwing in blood, boobs, and general cheesy horror shenanigans. This might be an area of enjoyment for those who watch and like incredibly cheap and cheesy no-budget movies but at the same time, there are much better titles out there that serve the same purpose.

Honestly, for my first NFTS movie I was expecting something better or at the very least less stupid than what I got with "Terror Overload". After watching it and thinking about it, I believe the movie and all of those who were involved with the movie were infact going for mindless-entertainment value. At no point can you take anything from "Terror Overload" seriously; it is simply impossible because there isn't anything there. I guess in some aspects it can be watched and appreciated for its trashy-stupidness if that is what you're looking for but you'll have to dig deep to find it.

Positive things:
- Plenty of boobs and blood.

Negative things:
- It's a pretty terrible movie regardless of whether it was intended to be serious or not.

Gore: 2/5
Nudity: 3/5
Story: 2/5
Effects: 2/5
Comedy: 1/5

We got this movie from:
R-Squared Films

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