Title: The Great Dying

Also known as:

Year: 2010

Genre: Webseries / Horror / Zombies

Language: English

Runtime: 9-13 min (varies per episode)

Director: Karin Engman, Klas Persson

Writer: Karin Engman, Klas Persson


A lone man wanders the landscape of a dead world in an attempt to find a place of peace, an area of the world that is not overrun with undead.

Our thoughts:
I haven't had much luck with the Swedish titles I picked to review and so instead of continuing to harp on cheesy-bad horror movies, I figured I'd break the cycle with the webseries "The Great Dying". Covering webseries is definitely not something we're going to do very often around these parts but I thought "The Great Dying" was impressive and deserved some attention.

As it is "The Great Dying" is only three episodes into the series so there's not much to the story as of yet, but that's one of the things that has me wanting to continue on with the series. The series follows a nameless man (simply credited as 'The Man') as he wanders through post-apocalyptic landscapes, scavenging and trying to survive. The main idea for "The Great Dying" is about this man, and survivors in general, looking for a promised land - "a place where the dead lay still." Like most post-apocalyptic based stories, the episodes have been about The Man, who he is as a person, and those who he encounters.

The Man is a really well done character; he's another reason why I want to continue on with the series - to find out his story. With only three episodes, Ödmården Productions has kept things vague and is building towards the plot details and reveals. But with The Man, you can tell this is a devastated character, at times appearing that he's lost his sense of humanity and is merely living to survive. As you watch him, whether isolated or talking with Sam (a wounded stranger Man is trying to help), you get this feeling that it isn't gone but he has merely experienced so much he's become withdrawn and isolated. He's a well balanced character: he isn't so cold you cannot like his character but he also isn't overly sympathetic. He is a reflection of what more people would be like given the situation.

All the elements of "The Great Dying" is what draws you in because there is obviously so much more below the surface of these episodes and you can't help but want to know who's who and what's what. Such as, who is this "Chief" character that everyone seems to know? Besides an intriguing story and characters, "The Great Dying" is a beautifully looking series - the cinematography is absolutely stunning. Unlike most post-apocalyptic zombie movies, "The Great Dying" apparently takes places years beyond the zombie invasion as the world has returned to a more 'natural' state; things and places are overgrown with vegetation. With Sweden's gorgeous country on display, the show becomes quite a feast for the eyes.

For now it's hard to say what the future is for "The Great Dying" as only three episodes have been released since November, but I hope they continue on with not too much space in between episodes. It's a wonderfully crafted series in both terms of writing and directing. Probably not the gory zombie epic (or rather not yet at least) that the goons are probably after, but as a post-apoc. character piece, it's definitely interesting. If I had to compare "The Great Dying" to anything, I'd say it has more in common with a movie like "The Road" as opposed to "The Walking Dead". To sum it up: check out "The Great Dying" it deserves to be seen.

Positive things:
- So far, so good.
- Very well written and directed.
- Beautiful locations.
- Good zombie make-up.
- Engaging series.
- Fantastic music.
- Great lead character and Ralf Beck deserves a lot of credit too.
Negative things:
- Outside of the main character, the acting can be hit or miss.
- The scene of The Man and Sam hiding was a bit too "Lord of the Rings".

Gore: 1/5
Nudity: 0/5
Story: 3.5/5
Effects: 3/5
Comedy: 0/5

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