Title: There is no abyss, however deep, that compares to your bed

Also known as:

Year: 2016

Genre: Short / Experimental / Erotic

Language: English

Runtime: 3 min

Director: Aryan Kaganof

Writer: Aryan Kaganof


Follow three lovers on the town, in what ends with a dangerous night of sex and drugs.

Our thoughts:
Internet has made everything so accessible and normal that it's probably hard to use words like obscure, transgressive, controversial and so on. Yet there are still artists and filmmakers that make work that will always feel a lot like what these words mean (or used to mean). The Cinema of Transgression movement is perhaps nothing to raise an eyebrow about when you stumble upon it anymore, but you can't deny that there is a fascination to what was created within it, and what the intentions were. These were filmmakers that felt like rebels creating work to express their distaste for what's around them. The work of Aryan Kaganof has always felt like this to me. His work is not always the most extreme out there, but he pushes buttons. He's creative but completely free from conventions, so whatever you get from him will be directly from a mad man.

Aryan Kaganof made a feature called "SMS Sugar Man", which was shot on a phone many years back. Aryan himself describes it as a failure, and eventually cut it up into small episodes under the name "The Solipsists" to post online as a way to save it. His latest short film, "There is no abyss, however deep, that compares to your bed" seems like a side-creation of this, but created as a homage to all-around artist Lydia Lunch. The short film is set to Lydia Lunch's song with the title "Lethe" (this film's title is from the lyrics of said song). This short film plays like an experimental music video, where we follow three people's love triangle during a night of sex and drugs.

The film is made by using still photography. This isn't the first time this is done, of course, but the mix of the song used and the voyeuristic photography gives this the raw identity that is often associated with Aryan Kaganof's work. You won't find anything too deep in terms of story, but as a 3 minute expressive experiment it's certainly right up my alley. It's short films like these that make me inspired to review. It might seem weird that out of all the different kinds of movies that I get to review, the one that inspires me the most is such a basic thing as this one. It's no wonder that the Cinema of Transgression movement intrigued me as much as it did, and sometimes it's nice to get a new creation that reminds me of that. Aryan Kaganof pays tribute to Lydia Lunch, and it results in a Richard Kern-esque Kaganof creation. I'm okay with that.

"There is no abyss, however deep, that compares to your bed" isn't revolutionary, but it still makes you feel like you are following a few lovers during a night of partying. It's erotic, a bit dangerous and the viewer feels a bit like a voyeur. Short films like these are what makes me enjoy the short film format, not the typical "wait for it" horror shorts that we review. I want something instant, experimental and free from conventional thinking. Aryan Kaganof doesn't always craft the best stories, but he never fails to be interesting. This short film comes off as exactly what it was intended to be: an homage to a person that was involved with a true DIY movement.

Positive things:
- Quick and dirty.
- Aryan Kaganof is still himself after all of these years.
- A solid homage to Lydia Lunch and the Cinema of Transgression movement in style and atmosphere.

Negative things:
- You've seen similar things before.

Gore: 0/5
Nudity: 3/5
Story: 1/5
Effects: 0/5
Comedy: 0.5/5

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Aryan Kaganof

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