Title: Thundercrack!

Also known as:

Year: 1975

Genre: Erotic / Comedy / Surrealism

Language: English

Runtime: 153 min / 120 min (DVD)

Director: Curt McDowell

Writer: Mark Ellinger (story) & George Kuchar (screenplay)

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0073806/

A mighty storm brings many different people to one big house where a widow lives. In this big house, strange things are going on. People start revealing their darkest secrets. And what is the lion, the elephant and the gorilla doing outside?

Our thoughts:
Weird plot description? That barely touches the weird shit that goes on in the film. How could I possibly give this film a fair review when I barely know what I thought of it? I think I liked it, but then again maybe I didn't. If I just let my fingers control the words that are written down, maybe my honest opinion will be revealed to you.. And to me. Or perhaps I'll just babble nonsense like this.

The movie starts off with a fairly standard horror movie vibe in a stormy weather. We are introduced to some people, people who are slightly less standard than the overall feel the beginning of the film has. We have the really messed up lady in the big house where all the people end up, and when I say messed up, it's pretty much the absolute definition of the words. You'd have to see the film to understand how fucked this horny bitch is. She keeps babbling about her dead husband and her son that doesn't exist, something which will be resolved towards the end when all secrets are out. We have a man who keeps on hitting on one of the other men, and this might not be that strange, but one scene later in the movie about this is. What scene? Well, they are trapped in the house with a lion, an elephant and a gorilla outside. The lion isn't dangerous, 'cause apparently it doesn't have claws or teeth. I can't remember why the elephant wasn't dangerous, but oh well. For some reason the gorilla was, and the gay man happens to know where to find bananas in the house. The man that he hits on, and that man's girlfriend, wants to get out of this place, so the gay man makes him have sex with him for the bananas. I could go on and on about things that happen in this film, but it might be best to leave it at that.

Plotwise it's not very interesting as it's just a group of people in a house, but the team behind this film sure had alot of fun with the characters and dialogue. I'd almost go as far as saying that most things said in this film are sexual euphenisms. Cum is hot sauce, boobs are often refered to as.. well, something-potatoes. There is something about this film that does make it interesting to watch, but with a runtime of two hours (I saw the 120 min-version, as far as I know the other one isn't out), is really "interesting" enough? I'm not so sure. I'm glad I saw it, and I could watch it another time with a friend. The runtime is bearable, I wouldn't have cried if it was shorter. If I ever stumble upon the longest cut I'd watch it just so I could say I've seen it. I really wouldn't want another 40 minutes of this.

Except for strange situations and even stranger characters, there are several graphic erotic scenes. Some of the women are good looking, but it's the 70's so expect 70's muff. I personally felt that these scenes could've gone on longer, not to sound like a complete horndog. But seriously, they really mostly consisted of men cumming, so a little longer with more female-stuff wouldn't be too bad.. But there's also some literal vegetable sex, and a sex scene with the gorilla (man in suit). The sex scenes really set this film apart from anything I've seen. I've seen strange porn, but because it just keeps on pushing everything into complete hysteria as it is already, and we then get graphic filth? Yeah, not showing this film to my mom..

Overall.. Overall.. Wow, this is it. I need to give a final opinion on the film. It's an experience. You need to have seen it. It's not bad, but not that great. I wasn't bored and I respect this film for many reasons. There were many times where I yelled "fuck yeah!" to the screen, but just as many where I kinda just shook my head. I loved the really gritty look of the film, it's black and white and super-grainy. Makes it kinda cozy to watch really. It's entertaining, crazy, silly, surrealistic and above all a cult classic. Comedy porn has never been so strange.

Positive things:
- Everything is strange about it.
- Black and white, and grainy.
- Cult classic!
Negative things:
- I have no idea what I really think of it..

Gore: 0/5
Nudity: 4.5/5
Story: 1/5
Effects: 2/5
Comedy: 3.5/5

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