Title: Tidal Wave

Also known as:
Haeundae (Original title)
Tidvågen (Swedish DVD title)
Tsunami at Haeundae (Alternative title)
Haeundae: The Deadly Tsunami (Alternative title)

Year: 2009

Genre: Disaster / Action / Comedy

Language: Korean

Runtime: 120 / 103 min / 129 min (director's cut)

Director: Je-gyun Yun

Writer: Je-gyun Yun

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1153040/

In the beautiful coastal town Haeundae we meet a group of different people and follow them as their romances bloom. But one geologist is more concerned with the recent earth quakes that can cause a tsunami. What's even more concerning to him is that it could create such a big tsunami that it would be record breaking, and swallow the entire town. The people we've come to know have to suck up their personal problems and work together to survive.

Our thoughts:
There's no reason to lie about it: I enjoy these disaster movies. It's just fun to watch boats sink, cities on fire, monsters destroy, you name it that Hollywood has spent way too much money on for the sole purpose of showing the effects. No, I wouldn't say they are good movies, not at all (and many of them I don't enjoy - but the concept of it I do). If I want a good one I just watch the classics, like "The Towering Inferno". But there is something that the newer ones can do better than the old ones, and that is making it very epic. There are few things I go to Hollywood movies for that I can't find in low-low's, and this is it. "Tidal Wave" has the graphic supervisor Hans Uhlig, from such films as "The Day After Tomorrow" and "Deep Impact" and that is bound to give us some decent effects. But the heart of "Tidal Wave" isn't in the disaster, as it doesn't really hit until the 1 hour mark.

There are some odd coincidences in the movie, like how all of our leads seem to be finding their love at the same time. There's a big focus on romance through the movie, probably so that they can abuse that towards the end to make soppy moments. But anyway, the plot is this - there's a huge fucking tsunami coming. Nothing more needs to be said, I think I got it all already. I could go into details about the characters, which I quite liked actually, but I'm not gonna bother. "Tidal Wave" is a disaster movie in it's most standard state. It might bring some funny moments earlier in the movie, but when the tsunami finally hits it's very standard stuff. The director made sure that each couple in the movie had at least one scene where they had to cry about losing the partner, whether the person dies or just floats away. This annoyed me since I did think it worked up a decent character story in the first part, yet all they did it for was to create some extremely forced moments later in the movie. But overall it has a likable cast of people.

The effects are what you would expect. Good enough for a disaster movie, but many scenes that don't really make sense. Not that you would expect them to anyway. Lots and lots of water, some explosions, buildings being torn apart, cars flying, you name it. As I said, it takes an hour for the tsunami to hit the town, but that's not a problem. It was a bit of a problem that it became so shallow though, and that's probably because they decided to throw in so many people and their love interests, and then having them seperated in the tsunami. It didn't give any intense moments where we follow the characters as they struggle to survive for a long period of time, just bits and pieces.

It's exactly like the Hollywood movies, and that makes this just an alternative for someone who wants more of that. I'm fine with that, there's nothing more to expect when the cover screams at you; "From the creators of THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW". I did have fun with it, but just in that typical disaster movie way. It offers little to nothing more, other than a few comical moments earlier in the films. This is no "The Towering Inferno", not even close, but then again I never expected it to be either.

Positive things:
- If you want another disaster movie.
- Alright effects. Good and bad's, but overall what you would expect from it.
Negative things:
- Again, it's just another disaster movie.
- Tried too hard to make us cry with all the scenes towards the end, when in fact I wasn't even close.

Gore: 0.5/5
Nudity: 0/5
Story: 2/5
Effects: 3/5
Comedy: 2/5

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