Title: Timo Rose's Beast

Also known as:
Beast (Germany, working title)

Year: 2009

Genre: Horror / Werewolf / Crime / Comedy

Language: English / German

Runtime: 95 min

Director: Timo Rose

Writer: Timo Rose (writer), Mark Hyacinth (concept)

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1201122/

As the world slowly gets populated by werewolves, a group of werewolf hunters are spread around the world to stop the infection. Meanwhile, a brother comes back home to his sister after a long time away, only to tell her his girlfriend was killed by a big dog in Romania. His sister starts noticing that something strange is going on with her brother; he's not that upset about the loss of his girlfriend, and he spends most of his time deeply in his thoughts.

Our thoughts:
I had been looking forward to this werewolf movie by German splatter director Timo Rose for a while before I actually got it. It's known that werewolf movies is a genre I value above most, atleast when it comes to really GOOD werewolf movies (you know, "The Howling", "Silver Bullet", etc). I didn't let the fact that it was a werewolf movie give me high expectations because after all, it's a werewolf movie by Timo Rose. I like Timo Rose, but when you think German splatter director, you don't think werewolves. Zombies, slashers and so on, sure, but not werewolves. Well I finally gave this movie a shot and I actually enjoyed it.

It starts out with somewhat of a massacre containing lots of blood, only to after that slow things down a bit and get a story going. We get to meet a few different groups of people, like the siblings that reunite after a long time (played by Joseph Zaso and the very beautiful Raine Brown). Amy (Raine Brown) notices that strange things are going on with Alex (Joseph Zaso), but she can't really figure out what it is. He acts very strange, and even though his girlfriend died a few weeks back, he doesn't seem that upset. We also have two werewolf hunters that has been all over the world and are now in Germany to hunt. These two guys brings most of the film's comic relief. Trust me when I say that some lines will have you laughing out loud. This was something that I felt the movie really needed, as it had a pretty serious and somewhat stale tone going on outside of this. Then we have two bad guys that I personally found to be annoying as hell. I understand what they brought to the movie, and them being annoying was part of the characters and not really a problem that is caused by bad writing or directing, it was simply who they were. Final "important character" that the film has is the sibling's mother, a total bitch who has some kind of deal going on with the two bad guys. Alot of characters to follow makes the story pretty fun to follow because it was handled gently. Many low budget movies can be confusing when too much is brought into the mix, but that's not the case here.

The werewolf part of the movie is important to the plot, but it doesn't contain too many werewolf attacks or scenes. It has that great slaughter in the beginning of the film, where we also see more of the werewolves than in the rest of the movie. This is a problem that the film has because even though you never saw that very good in the beginning, what I saw looked alright. But I also think that a bad looking werewolf is better hidden, and maybe that was the case here. At first I was kinda bothered by the lack of werewolf scenes, but then I became interested in the story. Next time we get a werewolf scene of importance is in the final part of the movie, and here comes the second flaw of the film; the transformation. Not that it was that bad, but it takes too long and in the end we see too little.

But the lack of werewolves and all that isn't a problem that I felt brought down the movie very much. What bothered me was some of the acting. At times it was excellent; seriously, Raine Brown is a terrific actress, you can clearly see that in some of her scenes towards the end. Sure, even she has a few bad moments. Then we have Joseph Zaso, another pretty good independent movie actor, but I kinda felt that his character in the film was set up in a way that made his acting pretty stale. Except for these things, I was annoyed by some lines that I thought didn't feel very natural. And the German accents were a bit of annoyance too.

Gore was great, we have alot of people being shot and hit. Each time it has a cozy splattery effect that only German splatter directors can get right. The amount of gore was surprise to me as the film started out with a bang and then slowed down heavily, but it was never a problem. I'm actually glad that Timo Rose focused on the story rather than the violence.

Overall it was a fun independent werewolf movie. It was great shot even though the camera equipment wasn't the best. They clearly did what they could. The acting ranges from great to terrible at times. You always expect bad acting in low budget splatter movies, but it's always annoying when it finally hits. It's not as gory as it could be, and the concept gave alot of opportunities for some nice nudity but we're left with only a small amount. If you like werewolf movies, Timo Rose and overall independent films then you should give this film a go. Just keep in mind that the werewolf genre is a tricky one to get right and I would never call this film excellent or perfect, so keep expectations low and focus on the good things. In this case it was good gore, beautiful and talented Raine Brown, hilarious lines from the werewolf hunters and good camera work.

Positive things:
- Read the final line in my review. I messed up, didn't I? Should've waiting with that line until I got to here. Fuck! Oh well.
Negative things:
- Bad acting is never a fun thing to experience unless the film is set up in a way that makes bad acting hilarious. This one wasn't.
- Lack of werewolf scenes.
- Transformation looked good when we got to see anything, which unfortunately rarely happened.
- I wish we would've seen the "torture" towards the end.

Gore: 2.5/5
Nudity: 1.5/5
Story: 3/5
Effects: 3/5
Comedy: 3/5

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