Title: Tomorrow Night

Also known as:

Year: 1998

Genre: Independent / Comedy

Language: English

Runtime: 87 min

Director: Louis C.K.

Writer: Louis C.K.

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0140627/

The owner of a small photo-shop is bothered by people that never come to pick up their photos. He's a lonely, grumpy man but eventually he has to contact people to make space for new orders. This changes his life.

Our thoughts:
Louis C.K. is a bit of an idol - certainly the funniest comedian out there. I've been following him since the start of the "Lucky Louie" show, which I personally loved, but he found his perfect style with the newer "Louie". I'm aware of some of his earlier short films, which are all strange in their own way but I wouldn't say I'm a big fan of them overall. But there is no doubt that Louis C.K. returned to his earlier style with "Louie". Let's be fair, "Pootie Tang" doesn't really count (nor should it, as it was essentially being fucked with without Louis C.K.'s consent). It's interesting to me to see "Tomorrow Night", his first feature now available on his website, as you can so clearly see how "Louie" could develop from that.

Like many independent comedies, "Tomorrow Night" isn't about the story it has to tell, but about situations and characters. This one is about a whole truck load of messed up people. In the center is Charles. He owns a photo/camera store, he's not very social and he keeps the store very neat (so everyone automatically hates him). After noticing his stack of processed photos that haven't been picked up growing too big, he says no to new orders and starts calling the customers to get their shit. Most of them do, and this forces him into many strange meetings. Among them are Lola Vagina (she's a sex fiend, as you might understand), an old lady who hasn't seen or heard from her son for 20 years since he went into the army, and so on.

The old lady is the other main plot, and some of the funnier scenes. Her husband, father of her son, is an annoying asshole who doesn't let her do anything, constantly screams and laughs at her misery and gambles all the time. Her only friend is Tina, a very sexually open woman (played by a man familiar to many Louis C.K. fans, Rick Shapiro). Her son is stuck in the army thinking that his mother has never returned his letters, but in reality he has been the bottom of a joke for 20 years. The mail room guys are throwing his mail away while laughing hysterically (maybe one of Steve Carell's best roles, simply just laughing). Funny joke, guys! This old lady is living quite a miserable life, and Charles is soon in the middle of all that.

It's hard to explain why this movie is funny and entertaining, because sometimes it doesn't even make you laugh out loud. Most of the time, actually. Yet I found it to be hilarious in an odd, "what-the-hell-am-I-watching-and-why" way. Louis C.K. does the same in "Louie", just perfected, but in that show it's also less weird. This gets very weird at times, and it honestly pleases my artsy-fartsy-surreal-like mind at times too, which is just great. Is the movie great simply because I am a fanboy of Louis C.K.? No, because I have admitted to not enjoying his shorts that much, and it took a while to get into "Tomorrow Night", but once I understood it and got into its style, I couldn't get enough. It's just bizarre!

Had "Tomorrow Night" been released around the time it was made it could have been a cult hit. I don't think it can in 2014. It had a few screenings back then (apparently also in Sweden, which proves to me that we're not completely useless here) and then went nowhere, stuck in Louis C.K.'s personal archives, along with the debts to his friends that helped him make the movie. But now that it is here, I don't think it will make the mark it could have - but boy am I glad that he released it. It's fun as hell without always making you laugh, because it's just such an oddity. There's a definite proof of talent in it, both comedy-wise and strictly because it looks great. Quaint, but great - some shots are actually done with the eye of an artist, which can't be said for every comedy. "Tomorrow Night" is not only for fans of Louis C.K., it's for people who thought "Clerks" didn't have enough people sitting bare-butted in ice cream. It's so absurd that I find it hard to hate it.

Positive things:
- You can see how Louis C.K. went from this to "Louie".
- Mixed very funny and very bizarre well.
- Some familiar faces, from Rick Shapiro to Steve Carell.
- The ending wasn't needed, but it's just as randomly absurd as the rest of the movie!
- He finally released it!

Negative things:
- Had it been released in 1998 I think it would have been a cult hit. Unfortunately I don't think it will have the impact now.

Gore: 0.5/5
Nudity: 0/5
Story: 2.5/5
Effects: 2.5/5
Comedy: 4/5

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