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Title: Torment

Also known as:

Year: 2013

Genre: Horror / Thriller

Language: English

Runtime: 77 min

Director: Jordan Barker

Writer: Thomas Pound & Michael Foster


A family goes on vacation to their cabin. In their absence someone else has been living in their cabin and made a mess, but they have no idea who it might be. But whatever has been there, is still around somewhere, waiting for the right moment to strike.

Our thoughts:
Though "American Mary" wasn't a very good movie, my fondness of Katharine Isabelle is still breathing since first discovering the "Ginger Snaps" trilogy. When "Torment" landed on my doorstep (it didn't - it landed right into my mailbox, but let's not pretend that any of you are even reading our reviews anymore let alone care if I say the wrong things) I was only really curious because of her involvement in it. I wasn't really in the mood to watch another slasher/home invasion movie and give it a mediocre review (those are the hardest to write), but finally decided that maybe this was a good movie to check out with friends. And so I did.

We have heard the plot before: a father takes his new wife and his son to a cabin where they used to spend the time when the mother of his son was still alive. There's tension between the new woman in his life (Katharine Isabelle, I should add) and the annoying little bitch of a son, but nothing big. The movie does change it up after that, thankfully. When they arrive it seems like homeless people have broken into their house and spent the nights there, but are they really sure that they have left? Well it wasn't homeless people - and they haven't left.

Do you feel the tension now!? Actually the plot isn't too bad, and the movie is alright too. Is it mediocre as I feared? Sure, but probably towards the right end of it. It has all the tropes, it has all the leaps of logic, and it has pretty awkward gimmicks. The one gimmick that I enjoyed was that the "maniacs" (for lack of better term) that are staying in the house, are wearing the heads of the son's large cuddly toys as masks. Not that they actually are the right size originally, but with some help from the prop or costume department, that wasn't really a problem. They could easily make a rather small rat's head into the size of a large man. I might be nitpicking, but it was noticeably larger. There are some other holes and stupid choices in the movie that I won't go into more due to spoilers, but they are also not anything bigger than your typical horror.

I think that "Torment" works just fine. It's one of those horror movies you might miss, and you might not remember it long after you watch it if you do, but you'll have a decent time if you do it. It's not overly graphic but offers enough, the actors all do a good job in their parts and it looks good for the majority of the time. It's simply nothing new, and doesn't offer much that makes it stand out. Take your typical slasher movie and mix it with the likes of "The Strangers" and you have this movie. I won't recommend you to watch the movie, but I won't advice against it unless you have something you really want to watch.

Positive things:
- Hey, I like Katharine Isabelle.
- Decent albeit mediocre horror movie overall.

Negative things:
- Clichés and varies holes and illogical decisions.
- The ending.

Gore: 2/5
Nudity: 0/5
Story: 2/5
Effects: 3/5
Comedy: 0/5

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