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Title: Touch Me

Also known as:

Year: 1971

Genre: Adult / Drama

Language: English

Runtime: 78 min

Director: Anthony Spinelli

Writer: Michael Abel & Stanley Zero


In a experiment, a doctor tells a group of people with sexual problems to undress and start touching each other with closed eyes. Drama rises among the group, but everyone is there for a reason after all - sex.

Our thoughts:
The second movie on the DVD set from Vinegar Syndrome featuring films by Anthony Spinelli is "Touch Me", made a couple of years prior to "Cry for Cindy". This was the fourth film by a man who would become quite a prolific adult filmmaker through the times, but already in this film you could tell that he wasn't only focusing on the sex.

In "Touch Me" we're invited to watch a group of people in relationships with sexual problems going through a little experiment by a therapist that includes them touching each other, with eyes closed, in a group session. The movie takes quite a while to get going into strict adult film territory. Even in its earliest sexual scene, it's not going much further than seeing people naked. It's not until 25 minutes into the movie that we get a real sex scene that goes further than just touching.

Anthony Spinelli obviously enjoyed going into different areas than pure sex when he made his adult films, and I think this proves that - though not as well as "Cry for Cindy", which I enjoyed a lot more. It's unfortunate that "Touch Me" feels like it's pointlessly stumbling around the subject before going into it, something which I can imagine was done to push towards the couples rather than the singles. Why would they otherwise spend 25 minutes in the opening going into relationship problems, if it wasn't to try and get couples to sleep with each other. Whether or not it was common for couples to go to the adult cinemas at the time, I don't know, but it seems like a plausible reason to make a movie like "Touch Me".

"Touch Me" nearly falls into the educational spectrum of adult films, but the problem is that most things discussed through the movie is made-up crap. So what we have is an adult movie that tries to deliver more but doesn't really offer anything but sex - rendering the drama heavy aspect of the movie rather pointless.

Here I go again, giving criticism to porn for not having a good enough story. After all of these years of reviewing, I still don't know which angle to tackle these classic adult films. I enjoy several of them because they're equal parts smutty as they are fun, but sometimes the movie only delivers in one aspect and... you know, porn is porn. The sex in "Touch Me" doesn't offer anything more or less than any other adult film of the times. Being the early '70s, there are several scenes where we don't really see much because the lighting is either too dark, or the people are too hairy. I have no issue with older adult films because I think there's a lot more erotic stuff going on in those than in the modern ones that feel completely unreal and stale, filled with silicone and gag-inducing "Fuck me harder!"-esque lines. But "Touch Me" is more along the lines of those awkward, confusing adult films that were so common back then, so it wouldn't be right to call this arousing either.

Positive things:
- There are some weird, funny moments.
- It's of equal quality to most '70s adult films.
- Yet again, this is a great set from Vinegar Syndrome, focusing on some forgotten smut from Anthony Spinelli - whether you enjoy them or not.

Negative things:
- Unlike something like "Cry for Cindy", the plot in "Touch Me" doesn't offer a lot of entertainment.
- The sex is mostly awkward.

Gore: 0/5
Nudity: 5/5
Story: 1/5
Effects: 0/5
Comedy: 2/5

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