Title: A Tribute To Sanity

Also known as:

Year: 2002

Genre: Horror / Independent / Surrealism

Language: English

Runtime: 26 min

Director: Michael T. Schneider

Writer: Michael T. Schneider


An old man confesses on his death bed that he killed the woman he loved. We are brought back to the time of happening, and we get to witness the downfall of the man's sanity as he kills the things he hold dear and lives with the regret.

Our thoughts:
I have been talking to Michael T. Schneider/Maggot for a couple of months, and I didn't think I would see his films as sick and twisted because of it. It's a fact that I have been watching his character in "August Underground's Mordum" differently since then, but I think that knowing him only made me enjoy "A Tribute To Sanity" alot more, because I understood a little more how his mind works. He clearly used his mind well when he made this one.

I have had really high expectations for this short filmed-on-tape film of his, but it turned out to be alot different than I expected. I'm not let down by the film, not at all, but I think the film had alot more brain than I expected it to have. This is a story that focuses on a man's sanity (yes, you could've figured that out yourself) and only that. It's a very grainy and odd little gem, and in a world where everything in media has to be clean, shiney and appropriate for everyone, a dirty and raw film like this, that really screws with it's viewers, is more than needed. I thought this was gonna be alot more gruesome and gory, because I know that Michael is a FX wizard, but it was very limited with it's effects, and I would've liked to see more of it in the film. There are still a few wicked scenes involving effects though. Instead of gore, this film focuses alot on it's editing. The movie features alot of fast and strange shots appearing between scenes, like a man blowing his head off with a shotgun (I think?), a scene where a man is holding a TV where his head should be and just generally fucked up visual experimenting. To explain a movie like this to someone who hasn't seen it is hard, and the closest I can come to describing it is calling it a nightmare put on tape.

The very few effects that we have look really good, but like I said, there should've been more of them. We saw in "August Underground's Mordum" (where Maggot helped on effects) that he can make some morbid things as far as effects go, and I can just hope that his other films will have more of this. We do have a scene where a heart is pulled out, and what I believe was a eye being ripped out, a fast glimpse of a man blowing his head off, so atleast it's something.

I always try to say a few words about the acting in films I review, but I don't have alot to say about that at all. Michael plays the lead role himself, and he does it good. The rest of the cast are just as good, except for some of their dialogue.

If you're into David Lynch, you should watch this film to see what a huge fan of his can do. A Tribute To Sanity is a grainy and haunting nightmare with fast editing, low pitched noises and a great soundtrack.

P.S. Also worth mentioning is that this film won "Best Cinematography" and "Best Horror" at the New York International Independent Film And Video Festival.

Positive things:
- Interesting to see what Michael did before "Mordum".
- We need more movies like this.
- The bathroom scene towards the end.
- Soundtrack.
- Watching Michael act is always a pleasure.
Negative things:
- More gore, please.
- Didn't explain things. Alot of things shouldn't be explained, but a few scenes should've.

Gore: 1/5
Nudity: 0.5/5
Story: 3/5
Effects: 3/5
Comedy: 0.5/5

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