Title: Twisted Sex Vol. 23

Also known as:

Year: N/A

Genre: Trailers / Compilation / Exploitation

Language: English

Runtime: 110 min

Director: N/A

Writer: N/A


A collection of trailers of skin flicks that range from the violent roughies from the 60's, to the silly sex comedies of the 70's.

Our thoughts:
Long before trailers and trailer compilations were cool and trendy, Something Weird was releasing a series called "Twisted Sex". Which, exactly like the plot description said, are compilations composed of trailers of various exploitation movies. Yes I know, these days there are plenty of those to be found, but the fact is that the "Twisted Sex" series often covers films, that are forgotten about or don't receive much attention. Most notably are the exploitation films of the 60's. Yes, for those of you who are just getting into the game, exploitation cinema did exist before the 70's.

In the 23rd volume of "Twisted Sex", the trailers can be separated into three groups: roughies, sexploitation, and sex-comedies. Granted, all three can be considered sexploitation, since that's what they are. All of the trailers contained in this volume are heavy on the sex and sleaze, but they are different in style.

With the films like: "Louisiana Hussy", "Rebel Girls", "Put Out or Shut Up", "The Love Lords" and "Torture Me Kiss Me" all feature violent themes and often feature women getting beat down and/or raped. Up until they stand up and decide to kick some ass. I was particularly excited to receive this volume from Something Weird, as the movie "Torture Me Kiss Me" is one that I've never heard of before and it seems to be a forgotten naziploitation film. Then there are the movies: "Inga", "That Woman", "Sins of the Daughter", "A Smell of Honey A Swallow of Brine", that have a very heavily sexualized plot. That doesn't seem to be so much about the actual story, as it is about how many sex scenes and nudity can be squeezed into each frame. Finally there are the sex comedies: "Up Your Ladder", "Gigi Goes to Pot", and "Dagmar's Hot Pants" that are like the sexploitation flicks and try to squeeze in as much sex and nudity into the movie as possible. Except the fact that these movies don't really take themselves seriously, and are often quite silly and ridiculous. Most notably is "Up Your Ladder" which is about the spirit of an apartment building talking about the things that go on...inside her.

Now these are only a few of the trailers, as the set runs almost 2 hours I can't remember all of what went down in each one but here is a list of what you'll find in volume 23.

Louisiana Hussy
Rebel Girls
The Wicked Go to Hell
Please Don't Touch Me
The Devil's Bedroom
Runaway Girl
Put Out or Shut Up
Positions of Love (an alternate version of Put Out or Shut Up)
A French Honeymoon
That Woman
A Smell of Honey a Swallow of Brine
Heat of Madness
Torture Me Kiss Me
The Wall of Flesh
A Piece of Her Action
Kitten in a Cage
The Sadistic Hypnotist
Bunny and Clod
Shantytown Honeymoon
Sins of the Daughter
Hard on the Trail
The Wild Scene
Sign of Aquarius
How to Succeed with Sex
Just Don't Lay There
Gigi Goes to Pot
Erika's Hot Summer
The Love Lords
Dagmar's Hot Pants
Blue Sextet
Four Times That Night
Up Your Ladder
Man and Wife
He and She
Song of the Loon
Linda Lovelace for President
Private Lessons

This one volume manages to cover so many different styles of exploitation movies and different genres, everything from westerns to psychedelic films, to hicksploitation and naziploitation. There is so much sex and mayhem within in this little compilation, it'll take multiple viewings just to be able to take it all in. While I've never really been big on trailer compilations since most of the time, they're composed of movies that anybody who has a bit of knowledge on these kinds of movies already knows about them. So a DVD dedicated to their trailers seems a bit pointless, unless your knew to these movies. But I highly recommend anybody to check out any of the volumes in the "Twisted Sex" series because it covers movies that have been forgotten about, like "Song of the Loon", a movie that pre-dates "Broke Back Mountain" with a story about cowboys out in the wilderness who discover something about themselves. And there are the movies that aren't mentioned very often, which is pretty much every title that's listed. While exploitation movies from the 60's don't receive much attention because they're not as shocking as some of these modern titles, the fact is people should expand their trash viewing as there are some solid titles to be found.

You can impress your friends, you can impress your neighbors, and you can make your family worry about you, when you show off your knowledge of obscure exploitation titles that you'll find in "Twisted Sex".

Positive things:
- Some of the narration on these trailers is quite hilarious.
- Some of the trailers themselves are hilarious.
- Managed to find a number of titles that I didn't know about, but definitely want to see.
- There's so much damn nudity, sex, violence, mayhem, and bad jokes it almost beats watching a full length movie.
- Elbow sex. (When you watch it, you'll get it)
Negative things:
- No chapter selections make it a pain to re-watch the trailers that you really liked.
- Some of the titles aren't readily available, so it may take a bit of searching to find a copy of whatever movie you're looking for.

Gore: 2/5
Nudity: 4/5
Story: 0/5
Effects: 1/5
Comedy: 3/5

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