Title: The Undertow

Also known as:

Year: 2003

Genre: Horror / Slasher / Independent

Language: English

Runtime: 76 min

Director: Jeremy Wallace

Writer: Jeremy Wallace

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0338518/

In the small hillbilly town of Old Mines, there is a legend about a messed up deformed inbred kid, and a couple of out-of-towners are going there to explore the legend. The legendary killing machine, called "The Boy", is let out, because the odd folks in this little town hates anybody not from there.

Our thoughts:
It's hard to get mad at this film for being bad, because there is nothing on the DVD cover that leads you to believe that it will be good and/or awesome (I didn't get the same DVD cover that I uploaded here), but yet I felt I had to buy it. It takes about a second or two to get that it's a C-grade independent film. The whole look of the film is almost stereotypical for a independent film in the way it looks and how it's edited together. It's always fun to check out independent films though, because they are doing what they want to do, but I would have to say that not all indie films are worth buying. Was it worth buying "The Undertow"? Continue reading this exciting review and find out!

The plot isn't that good, and they seemed to try to make the story better by giving us some worthless knowledge about the main characters background. It's good in most movies, but in here it was almost only pointless shit that really didn't make a difference what so ever. They obviously tried to hard. It even took about 45 minutes for the first gore to appear on the screen, like if the first 45 minutes were important or something.

Not even the gore was that great. Well..I have seen alot worse, of course, and the gore is probably the only fun thing going on in this film, but the fact is that there was very little gore, and none of the death scenes were even close to being original. To be honest, it seemed like the bastard was just smashing faces with rocks and bricks the entire movie (except for a squeezed head, poked eyes, and whatnot).

Acting-wise it was alright for what it was. At first I was even impressed, but I guess the further into the movie I got, the worse the acting seemed. I couldn't help but notice that none of the actors were good screamers. Shame on you!

So..if the plot sucks and the gore is bad, is there anything left that could save the movie? Yes, there is nudity. Nudity can actually save a movie. Of course, if the movie is really bad, we do need some awesome nudity, but it's still possible. However, "The Undertow" didn't have any..at all. There are a couple of decent to good looking girls, but we don't get to see any goodies.

I guess an overall comment is pointless since I've basicly said that everything in the film is bad already, but for hardcore independent flick fans it can be a little entertaining.

Positive things:
- The "Fuzzy Devil Video"-logo with the little fuzzy devil.
- I did like some of the gore.
Negative things:
- Overdramatic music.
- The movie lacks originality, even the killer stole the looks from Jason in "Friday The 13th Part 2", but with a pillow case on the head. And he does look a little like a KKK-member at times.
- The tagline "Anyone is his path won't be in one piece for long" sounds like they tried too hard and all that came out was a dookie.
- The girl's ugly tattoos. Damn stupid "Nightmare Before Christmas"-ish faces and characters.
- I could go on. I tried to dig out a few things not mentioned earlier in the review.

Gore: 1.5/5
Nudity: 0/5
Story: 1/5
Effects: 2/5
Comedy: 2/5

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