Title: Unrated: The Movie

Also known as:

Year: 2009

Genre: Comedy / Splatter / Horror

Language: English

Runtime: 81 min

Director: Timo Rose & Andreas Schnaas

Writer: Timo Rose & Andreas Schnaas

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1508698/

Frank is a filmmaker who brings a group of actresses to a cabin in the woods to make a film. While there they stumble upon a book, a book that belongs to the Book Keeper. The book is in no way an ordinary book, as it brings demons to earth, and now Frank and his actresses are the only ones to stop them.

Our thoughts:
This is the first of (currently) two movies that are directed by two of the biggest German splatter directors, Timo Rose and Andreas Schnaas. I've seen a bunch of their films, especially the films of Andreas Schnaas (a director I consider myself a fan of) and "Unrated: The Movie" was bound to bring together some of their best qualities. But I think they both brought out the silliness this movie has. It's really on a new level (or new low if you will). Hadn't it been for the completely ridiculous comedy, who knows what a disaster this movie would've been. Now, it does work as a splatter, but it took atleast 50 minutes for the splatter to start, so the comedy saved it.

If you remember "Evil Dead II", you basicly know the beginning. It shows a book and a voice is telling you how bad it is. I think I also heard it referred to as "the book of the dead" at one point. And that's not the only thing about the film that reminds you of that series, as it's about a group of people in a cabin in the woods, and this evil book brings out demons. But all that is part of the fun if you ask me. It's not the only movie reference you'll find in the film either, as both Karl The Butcher from Andreas Schnaas' series "Violent Shit" is one of the demons, and there's also the fat zombie from "Zombi 2" and the incredible melting man. On to the story, it's about Frank (Timo Rose), a homosexual independent film director who is on to make his first feature film along with a line of beautiful big breasted girls in a crappy house in the middle of nowhere. None of the actresses likes being near Frank because of how odd and slightly retarded he is, but also because he doesn't seem to know much about making films. Which he really doesn't either.

Frank is the biggest comic relief in the movie, especially in one particular scene (one that happens before we know he's gay) where he is masturbating while looking at a picture on his cellphone, and he moans the name "Andy". This really made me giggle because I thought it was a fun and kinda hidden reference to Andreas Schnaas. But then we actually see the picture he is looking at, and it is in fact a picture of Timo Rose and Andreas Schnaas and couldn't help myself but to burst out laughing. This was the moment where I knew how unserious this film really was. I mean, after the cartoon-ish Scooby Doo-sounds when they run and their boobs jump, of course. The comedy was however very hit and miss, sometimes it was really funny, but sometimes it just didn't click. It became a bit frustrating to wait 50 minutes for the gore to kick in, but as you would expect, when it starts it REALLY starts. But first came one of the most epic scenes in history of film. The arrival of Karl The Butcher (played by Andreas Schnaas, as it should). Not only is it epic because he is Karl, but he arrives with a brilliant musical number with lines such as "My sperm is in your vain" and "I am Karl The Butcher, killing is my future". And yes, there is lyrics shown, in good old karaoke fashion. How is this not brilliant in every single way?

So, I've covered some of the many silly and funny moments of the movie, now to the gore and creatures. If you've seen the trailer of the film, you know the demons that are in the film, and they all do look pretty good, some better than others. The gore is.. splattery. It's nothing out of the ordinary, but if you already are a fan of German splatter, you'll find it to be highly entertaining. And since the last part of the film is soaked in blood, it only got better by the fact that our heroine is topless through that massacre.

I really didn't know if "Unrated: The Movie" was gonna be a over-the-top gorefest by the two German splatter gods, or if it would be a parody/comedy. As it turns out, it leaned more towards a comedy, even though it has plenty of gore when it kicks in. But of course, a splatter (if you ask me) should be comedic, so there's nothing wrong with that. It's just that Timo Rose sometimes goes for just splatter/gore. It's a stupid movie, and I recommend that you watch a few Timo Rose and Andreas Schnaas films before you go into this, it will help you understand and enjoy it more. I think it's fun stupidity, and it's a shame that not all jokes worked as well, but I must say I prefer this film over "Don't Wake The Dead". Let's wait and see if the upcoming Timo Rose/Andreas Schnaas film "Karl the Butcher vs Axe" (a.k.a "Violent Shit 4.0") will be better or worse.

Positive things:
- The randomness of some jokes.
- Cartoon sound effects, always cheers you up.
- Splatter!
- Karl The Butcher doing a musical number is more awesome than anything I can think of.
- The very random scene where a succubus (a girl) and her hellhound (a man) arrive, and she suddenly transports into the TV and is part of one of those cheesy German sex commercials. All to try and seduce this homo film director. What made it more amusing is that it's a pretty long commercial.
Negative things:
- It could've been more funny.
- This isn't about the movie itself, but I kinda hoped I would see more of Andreas Schnaas in the behind the scenes featurette on the DVD.

Gore: 3.5/5
Nudity: 3/5
Story: 1/5
Effects: 3/5
Comedy: 3/5

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