Title: Il Vangelo Secondo Taddeo

Also known as:

Year: 2006

Genre: Independent / Splatter / Crime

Language: Italian

Runtime: 70 min

Director: Lorenzo Lepori

Writer: Lorenzo Lepori


A priest is witnessing criminals sell drugs, rape and kill and decides he has to do something about. Dressed in black, a duster, studded belt and armed with a wooden crucifix with various sharp objects attached to it he starts cleaning up the city in the name of Jesus.

Our thoughts:
I had the "pleasure" to review Lepori's latest film "I Love Your Like a Twist" a while back, which you might remember getting a fairly bad review. But I did bring up a few points that are apparent even in this debut feature of his - and that is the love of film. "Il Vangelo Secondo Taddeo" (which I suppose can be called "The Gospel According to Taddeo") was made 6 years earlier and is therefor a slightly weaker production overall, but the love of film doesn't seem to have changed much. It doesn't mean it makes it a good movie, but it makes it an acceptable creation.

It's a very trimmed plot (I reckon that "I Love You Like a Twist" attempted something bigger) where it's essentially criminals doing crimes, and a person who has had enough of it. In this case the criminals are different gangs of drug dealers who run around killing each other for various reasons (occasional rape occurs - no matter the sex). Our savior in this film is a priest, and he is watching it all from a distance, but wants to end it. He straps sharp tools onto a large wooden crucifix and goes out with the Lord on his shoulders, kicking some serious ass.

This DVD came with a little note from the director where he says that Germany was in his mind when he made this. I think you can tell that German splatter was a huge inspiration on the production, as the film gets more and more soaked the longer you watch it. Hell, it even made this bad movie watchable towards the end (I suggest a bunch of friends and a ton of alcohol). But even though German splatter flicks inspired it, I think Lepori has bigger ambitions and actually wants to make a good crime/gangster film some time. I'm just speculating, but I think he might fall back on cheesiness now and then again because it's safe for independent films to do just that.

Sadly, in the end, "Il Vangelo Secondo Taddeo" doesn't hold much merit because it's just a rather poor movie. The gore is fun at times, but at times it's unbelievably stupid. An example of this is when the priest is gonna put his Christian blood on a criminal (I failed to catch why), so he cuts a small cut in his wrist, and what follows is a bucketfull of blood (coming from his sleeve). That's probably my favorite scene!

If you really want to show your friends some low quality gore attached to a mediocre story executed poorly, then you could go for this. It doesn't come with a recommendation though. I'm gonna review another film of Lepori soon, and I know as little about that one beforehand, but for the sake of this website I will endure whatever he throws at me. At least the guy seems like a genuinely nice person! And my question is: does he just want to continue making stupid, crime-splatters, or does he have bigger ambitions? I can't tell!

Positive things:
- Some of the bad effects!
- Made by a lover of films.
- Inspired by German splatter films, and it shows!
Negative things:
- It's a bad movie.
- Terrible camera movements.
- Should've skipped some non-gore scenes.
- Extremely shakey, interlaced video makes it fucking hard to get good screenshots!

Gore: 3.5/5
Nudity: 0.5/5
Story: 1/5
Effects: 1/5
Comedy: 2/5

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